The easy & comfortable way to results

Jan 31st, 2018

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The easy & comfortable way to results

Everywhere you look people love to promise the quick fix

Doesn’t matter if it’s losing weight

Gaining muscle

Growing a business

Making money

or anything in life,

The quick fix is always tempting and we all look for the shortcuts.

But the people who actually achieve anything worth talking about and rise above the Pack?

Are usually the people who know how hard it is going to be and they are willing to grind it out every step of the way.

Once you tell yourself something is difficult you can get yourself in the right head space to acknowledge how much work it is going to take and that you need to be consistent with the work. (Click here to find out the Key to Being Consistent)

I had been building the month of January up in my head for about 3 months there before xmas

Plotting and planing and trying to make sure things ran as smooth as possible

Making sure we had enough quality trainers to cover every session

Making sure Cavan & Enniskillen would run smooth

and making sure the Dundalk facility came together enough to open and that we would have people turn up when we did open.

Without that preparation things could have got messy but luckily enough things went great!

People spend their entire life trying to figure out the easy alternative but if they just realised how difficult it is and got to work they would make more progress in 12 months than they do in 12 years…. (Click here to find out the One Word to make this Your Year)

This always reminds me of the old saying

Inch by Inch life is a sinch
Yard by Yard life gets hard

In fitness so many Fitness businesses, especially Online I think, want to offer the “Easy & comfortable solution”

you also see this regularly on the early morning TV ads that have some ripped dude doing sit ups on some yoke

Yeah buddy, you really got in that shape by using that for 10 minutes every day!

Fair enough,little 10 minute workouts may be progress for the person who does nothing and has 5 stone to lose

but that’s not 95% of people who buy these products.

While I always push that getting in shape doesn’t have to be the 2 hours in the gym 5/6 days a week and just eating rabbit food night mare that people make out

Of course ittakes hard work

and you have to have some level of discipline to know when to put the Biscuits back in the press

and to get your ass off the couch to go workout

Nothing worthwhile is ever easy!


Be sure to note that next week is the start of another 6 Week program in all 3 locations and we always appreciate if you can let any friends/ family know and bring them in

Think Big And KickAss


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