The principle of all diets…..

Jan 19th, 2018

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The principle of all diets…..

I am sure you have done the rounds on Dieting and at this stage could probably write your own email or even book on the topic…

You may notice similar ideas in a lot of them but to be honest they can really vary from one extreme to the other

Some are Low carb, some are high carb

Some low Fat, some are low Fat etc

Some only allow you to eat at certain times of the day

and on the really extreme, totally mental, end of the scale

some have you just consuming shakes and pills!

You may have found varying degrees of “success” depending on what your goal was and what your idea of success is…

But they all revolve around 1 single principle

And that is that you are in a

Calorie Deficit

You need to be eating less than you expend, ideally just a little less

So if your body needs 2000 cals a day and your constantly eating 1900 calories then you will lose weight slowly over time

You may be thinking

“Well that sounds deadly, I’ll just eat 500 cals a day and weight will fall off me”

Which is exactly what these “detox” diets and other such nonsense try to get you to believe

Sorry, doesn’t work like!

And while you may lose weight doing that you will soon find it’s not sustainable at all for your lifestyle

And obviously if you are eating 2100 or above you will then gain weight over time

Even if it is all healthy foods


You can still put on weight by eating loads of “Healthy” foods! (Click here for Healthy Foods Versus Results Foods)

This is due to a few factors,

mainly that no one has an idea what a “Healthy” food is as it is plastered across so many products these days.

Always remember go back to the simple principle of

“If man made it, don’t eat it!”

is always a decent guideline.

And the closer a food is to it’s natural state the better it will be!

Do this with 80/ 90% of your food choices and you won’t be-far off having the Health you want.

What you really want to do is train like a bad ass and eat enough Protein to at least get you on the right track (Click here to find out why Healthy Eating = Zero Results)

Do that consistently for 12 weeks, yes 12 whole weeks, and then you can start studying things more.

The last thing you want to do is over analyse things from the get go

So next time you are tempted by the new magical diet remember that they are just putting you in a calories deficit

This is why your energy levels are horrendously low and you are probably experiencing things such as light head or dizzy spells and beingirritable etc

And not only is that a barrel of laughs they will also charge you good money to drink some disgusting shake

Life’s far to short for that….

Think Big And Kick Ass


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