Am I mad in the head??

Feb 16th, 2018

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Am I mad in the head??

It’s Friday again so try to finish the week well and be sure to get as much activity in over the wkend as possible so we don’t undo our good work over the past week…. (Click here to read This is Where you LOSE)

This will be a hectic wkend for myself as I have a GAA fitness test part 1 tonight that Ithink has various mobility tests and then a bleep test

Soccer match Saturday which shall be followed be a good bath

and then GAA fitness test part 2 on Sunday which will involve various sprints.

Turning 32 next month it may not be the wisest move and I may be a bit mad in the head doing all 3

but of course I like to test things out and challenge the conventional wisdom so am looking forward to seeing how it goes. (Click here to find out The BEST Way to a Improve Your Results)

If you see me hobbling about on Monday and in a cranky mood, yes it does happen on a rare occasion, then you can probably guess it hasn’t went so well.


While you may not have to go to that extreme I do hope you will get something in.

This week is the last week of the 6 Week program for everyone that started on the 8th of January.

While of course I have to admit not everyone gets the results they want for a variety of reasons

I do like to think that if you apply what we say to any sort of degree then you should get results like this:

Can’t believe the 6 weeks nearly up.. The only feedback I can give u is to say I love it. I know my fitness has improved since I started and Iknow I have a way to go. But I will be staying on after this week. Staff make everyone feel good and the other men and women do in the classes so friendly. great atmosphere at every workout.

and/ or this:

Hi Darragh,

Sorry for only getting back to you now! So to answer yourquestions….
I must admit I have to give your Gym a 100% rating all the way for the following reasons! The staff are very good, pleasant helpful and very knowledgeable. The training sessions are always different and varied never dull. I’m very happy with the results on my fitness to date. For me you’re on a winner and I wish you and your staff the very best for thefuture!
I will be continuing with the program….

Like I say, results can vary but these sort of emails are great to get and we do get a lot of them!

Hope that gets you fired up for a good, energetic and productive workout….

Now lets hope this snow fecks away off so we can start getting really stuck into things instead of getting up every morning wondering if we can go anywhere…

Think Big And Kick Ass


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