He actually said sorry

Feb 12th, 2018

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He actually said sorry

Hope you had a great wkend and arn’t suffering the ole Monday blues

We have another great week ahead of us and any Monday we are fit to get up and exercise and spend time with Family is a good Monday!!

Even if we have to listen to a few idiots along the way

For example,

There’s an area of our business that is annoying me a bit and I want to see if, or how, we can change it

So I was on a phone call with a guy in London who does this very well.

We have never meet each other and know nothing about each other but I heard this guy does particular area very well so asked him if I could get chatting to him and he kindly agreed.

At one point he let me have it, in a very polite way, and actually sort of apoligised

“I’m sorry to put it so bluntly but that’s just how it is!”

and I laughed and told him that’s fair enough.

When you want to get better at something you should always be willing to listen to people who have been there and done it

and learn from them!

Everyone else yapping on and giving their opinion on something they have never done themselves (Click here to read another email i did about how someone’s else’s opinion is irrelevant)

their the ones that need to be ignored.


It’s amazing how butt hurt people can get from being given advice, especially when they have actually asked for the advice

but they just don’t like what they are being told.

And the world is getting more PC every year

The Canadian Prime minister recently pulled someone up on saying “mankind” and said it should actually be “peoplekind”

In fairness I think he himself was joking but he’s joking about it for a reason

and that reason is that people are getting worked up about certain terms and their meanings.

I heard a guy talking recently who isreleasing a book titled “Man Up” and he is getting comments about why is it not “Woman Up” or “PeopleUp” etc

Just when we thought Political Correctness couldn’t get any worse, it’s getting out of hand altogether.

While I don’t intend on getting all political the point is this is the same philiosophy people have when it comes to all areas of their life

Blaming other people and society for their situation

Yapping and moaning about it instead of making it happen for themselves.

And your Health is exactly where it starts for most people.

While a lot of people are simply uneducated

There are a lot of people who know enough to get them going, the basics

Eat more good food and less processed food

Exercise to some level 6/7 times a week with 3/4 of these being tough Resistance Training workout combined with Cardio

Job Done

We are all adults and need to take our own responsility for what’s going on (Click here for 2 of the Most Basic Tips ever)

Don’t forget


and remember that the 10:30 and 4:00 classes are our quietest classes so try to hit them if you can.

Think Big And Kick Ass


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