How to easily handle the weekend

Feb 23rd, 2018

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How to easily handle the weekend

Seen a good little pic on Instagram about how to handle the weekend

It had 3 basic points

– Manage your cals – Have some sort of idea of what you are eating even if you arn’t tracking your macros exactly.

How many snacks are enough and when is too much! (Click here to find out How to Handle Your Snacking)

– Get some activity in – Obvious enough but just have something scheduled for the wkend. Ideally a solid workout 1 day and maybe a walk or some sort of movement the other

– Be careful on your cals when your out – It actually doesn’t take that much to get your Protein in throughout the day and drink plenty of water

and then if out for dinner make half sensible choices but still have that bit of wiggle room for a nice dessert or whatever you fancy.

If you hit point 2 and get your exercise in then that will also give you some extra little wiggle room.

As I always say and I think this is the real key that people forget in the Fitness world

It is all relevant to what your goals are and how much you want to commit will work alongside how much progress you make.

Some people love to hide behind the

“F that, it’s the wkend and I’m gonna enjoy it, F these healthy ones anyway”

Well you do that all you want

just don’t go pissing and moaning to your trainer when you arn’t making any sort of solid progress.

And if you want to enjoy your wkends and are happy with your Fitness & Health well then keep doing what your doing, fair play to you

My point is for the people that are NOT happy

There is probably a good chance the wkends are letting you down.

So before you have a nervous breakdown at the thought of having to change your wkend philosophy

Just look at 1 or 2 small little areas where you make improvements and work from there.

On another note,

We have another client who never enjoyed the environment of a gym

and let’s face it

Unless your a wannabe jacked dude in your 20’s who loves looking at himself in the mirror

very few people enjoy the experience of a gym!

The few people that know what they are doing know enough to get in, get the job done and get out

which is why I personally never work out in a conventional gym. (Click here to find out the difference between Gym Versus Group Training)

It’s either in one of our locations in Platinum or circuits or on my ownin one of the locations or at home.

Hi Darragh,

I finished the 6 week program inDundalk and have signed up once again. The experience was completely positive. I never liked the environment of a gym, but I like the way the classes are organised in Dutchys and how motivating and supportive the instructors are. The biggest differences I noticed was the increase in my fitness and energy levels, but to my surprise I also find the classes to be good way to manage stress. I am looking forward to continuing to challenge myself with help from yourself and the other instructors

So it doesn’t have to be torture after all,

Just a little of torture to push you on:)

Having said all that of course I want you to enjoy your wkend which I sure will

Lots of Footie on, bits and bobs to be done and probably going out for dinner

I might even go buck mad and have a dessert!

Think Big And Kick Ass


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