I’m not Bikini Ready I’m afraid

Feb 5th, 2018

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I’m not Bikini Ready I’m afraid

I am writing this email on a Friday afternoon in the Kilmore between the morning and evening sessions in Cavan

So as you read this I will be nursing a light hangover from yesterday and I predict an exciting Patriots victory to give Tom Brady his 6th Superbowlwin…

You can google it there to see if my prediction is correct!


Unto more important matters.

And we have another interesting reply to an email today

Hey Darragh,

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes, what a lovely surprise & great personaltouch!!

I’m hoping to get to class later! (Sick child means I can’t go this morning as planned !!) 

I’ve been meaning to write about my experience with Dutchy fitness, since signing up to the 6-week course in the summer!

Itreally helped me to get some fitness back & following the healthy eating plan that you provided made a real difference!!

However, I am the person that you talk about in your emails, who wants to see quick results & when I don’t, I want to give up!! Having said that though, I’m not giving up…not this time!!…I fell off the wagon (soto speak) in December & really struggled to eat well & then training also took a back seat, busy family life & various other excuses!!

I now realise that I really have to change my mindset!! I want to be healthy, fit & look good! So I have to train& eat well in order to achieve this!!

Luckily, I really love going to Dutchy’s, it’s great fun, I’ve met lots of lovely people & all the coaches are fantastic!! They really know their stuff & manage to keep me focused & push me along in the rightdirection! They don’t make me feel daft for asking for help when I don’t know how to do something or if I don’t feel I’m doing it right!!

My long term goal, is to be fit, healthy & happy! My short term goal is to try to get to the classes 3-4 times a week & tostop eating ‘crap’ every day!! I’m a glutton for sweet stuff, chocolate, cake, biscuits…pretty much anything with sugar!! I’ve a holiday booked for the end of July, so this gives me a goal, a reason to work hard!! (Wearing a bikini right now is most definitely not an option)!!

So have to get back to basics & follow your healthy eating plan again, but this time, I need to stick to it!! (If you have any tips or advice that you think will help, other than having my jaws wired, all help would be appreciated)!!

So after a long boring reply,what I really wanted to say is thank you! Your emails have really helped…keep them coming!! They’re like a kick up the backside, every time I feel like not bothering!!

(P.S. I haven’t wrote a testimonial for your Facebook page, not because I don’t thinkDutchy’s is great, but mainly because I don’t feel like I’m a success story – yet, but when I get there, I’ll be more than happy to)!

Thanks again


The diet stuff ain’t easy!

That’s why you want to keep it 80%- 90% solid and make it a good lifestyle choice rather than trying to make it 100% perfect and making yourself miserable (Click here to find out about the 80/20)

then jacking it all in and going the complete opposite way.

There is nothing wrong with having the sweet things as long as you know when to stop.

2- 4 biscuits isn’t the end of the world if you are active in your daily life and working out hard and smart (Click here to find out how to control your snacking)

a packet of biscuits is where the problems are.

You may have received some emails from me yesterday about our latest 6 Week program

I make no apologies for trying to get our message out there to help people as I truly believe we are the best in town at what we do

Others may argue differ but such is life

No matter what your goal is in life at some stage you have to grab it by the balls and make it happen

And when people just lack that bit of confidence and/ or have excuses,

then sometimes they just need a good old boot in the rear to get themselves going.

As of writing this we still have some spots available in the 3 locations so hit me up ASAP or register on the links in previous emails to get started.

As I say every Monday,

Get your week started right with a good session


and in Cavan and Enniskillen try to hit the 10:30and 4:00 if at all possible.

Think Big And Kick Ass


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