It’s finally here

Feb 2nd, 2018

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It’s finally here

So it’s Superbowl Sunday this wkend and while that means F all to 99.9% of the population of Ireland,

I am really looking forward to it!

Haven’t got following much of the build up but will catch up on a bit over the wkend

But this date has been my little target date throughout January to chill out.

It’s been all go this month and after a relaxed December I wanted to make sure to get my workouts in 6 days of the week, keep the food 80 to 90% solid and then obviously work hard in the facilities

So the goal has been to work hard and get both my Fitness & the gyms to the targets I wanted and then use this day to have a few beers, eat some bold food and chill out

Which is exactly what I’ll be doing Sunday evening.

Have to say I’m delighted with how things have fared out for month one of balancing 3 gyms and while it sure hasn’t been easy both myself and Lorraine have enjoyed the work

I was worried she might crack under the pressure but she has stepped up,

as of course has everyone involved!

So while it’s not very “Irish” or “SocialMedia friendly” to actually be in good form and optimistic about things I’m gonna be a rebel and go against the norm

Of course there is loads to work on and you never know what’s around the corner but you just have to take these things 1 day at a time.

I can’t get into any details but have heard that we are creating a bit of a stir with other gyms so that’s always fun

Why people get so petty about these things I have no idea

and find it all very confusing!

Just like everything else in life, if people focused on getting their own house in order they would be much better off

Rather than worrying about what everyone else is doing

but such is the way of things, let them at it!

We are starting to get comments in of how people are finding the January 6 Week program that started on the 8th of January

A lot of people are doing great and trimming a few pounds and inches here and there (Click here to find out the Benefit of Measuring Inches)

and we will have some more info on that in the weeks to come

but be sure to always remember there are a lot of things you simply can’t measure.

Simple things like sleeping better, feeling better, being able to climb a flight of stairs without being out of breath are all great things and signs of progress (Click here to find the Easy & Comfortable always to Results)

such as this person who replied to one of my emails

Hi Darragh,

Yes, All good so far. Very happy with my progress to date! When I first started I was under my own impression that I was about 50% fit but suddenly realised that I was only about 30%. What I have found in week 3 is that my recovery is much improved and fitness has improved drastically! Finding the facility and staff to be excellent. Well done to you all for making the whole experiencing so enjoyable!

Things like that is what it’s all about and we have got numerous comments along a similar line

Also be sure to note that we are always looking for testimonials and success stories to help get the word out there that you actually can improve your Fitness & Health and ENJOY the process

Believe it or not

and people will always believe other people saying it ahead of me saying it, for obvious reasons!

Think Big And Kick Ass



Our February 6 Week program is starting next week the 5thof February across all 3 Facilities.

Everyone tries something in January but a lot of it won’t make you much progress in improving your Fitness & Health

So it’s around this time of the year that people start to look elsewhere and hopefully you may be able to talk some friends/ family into trying us out and hopefully we can help them.

Spaces are going well so if you want a slot be sure to either get in touch with me here or follow the links in other emails you would have received.

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