Just like Tesco

Feb 14th, 2018

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Just like Tesco

Got chatting to a member after class last week and we got into his running

He likes to run and has been doing so for a right while

He has only joined the classes recently and feels a lot better and is really enjoying the training so will look to balance the classes with running.

He is also doing a training course on running technique etc to help him stay injury free and running right (Click here to find out How to Start Your Running Program)

Between the classes and the course he will definitely see improvements and as they say in Tesco

Every Little Helps

I don’t care where you do it or who you do it with

But I can guarantee your running times will improve if you do some form of Strength Training at least twice a week over a 6 Week period

and obviously even more so if you keep at it week after week.

While 6 Weeks is a great starting point it takes consistency overtime to really see great results over a period of time

and it’s usually that hard work over time where a lot of people fail

not the actual training or Nutrition in itself but just not sticking to it.

Strength training will ensure you have a lot more power in your legs for each push off and more endurance over the course. (Click here for a Strength Workout from Minimalist Training)

It will also help to strengthen your muscles, ligaments and joints for the impact your body will take.

When I say Strength Training I’m not talking about lifting mad heavy weights like some people might imagine

Simply doing some Squatting, Lunging, Push- ups etc would do

It would all help to trim a few pounds off as well which would make it easier for people to get about.

Which is why I have my issues with all these “Couch to 5ks” that do the rounds

Of course they are great to get people started and they have lots of pros

but it’s not so great not to build up some strength in people first.

This week is the last week of the 6 Week program for anyone who started on the 8th of January

Where does the time go…

I will be keeping you posted via these emails and the FB page of the results clients have been getting which are always great to see to get people fired up

If you are looking to sign up for membership then be sure to go to http://dutchysfitness.com/ and pick the relevant location.

Think Big And Kick Ass


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