Should we weigh in more often??

Feb 28th, 2018

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Should we weigh in more often??

Last week I received this email reply:

Hi Darragh ,

I’m really glad I joined! My fitness being the major improvement for me, I definitely feel the difference from when I started, having never trained like this before and only really going for power walks in the mornings, I’m able to do things I could never have done before. Claire and Chris are brilliant at what they do,( not that I know much about what ittakes to be a good trainer) I know they are friendly, encouraging and have the patience of a saint, seeing that I have to ask what I’m supposed to be doing all the time!

The only thing I would have thought a benefit for me anyway, would be maybe afortnightly weight in, for people wanting to lose weight, I think this may have give me the kick in the butt I needed when I saw no movement on the scales, as even though 6 weeks is a very short period of time, at the beginning of those 6 weeks, I stupidly thought that the exercise was enough, and am only making real changes to my diet now
I’ll definitely be rejoiningafter next week!!

Now that’s a fair point and we always welcome some honest feedback.

And of course there is method to our madness. (Click here to read a story about Stepping Away from the Scales)

We honestly don’t believe there is much need to be weighing yourself on a regular basis.

Personally I never weigh myself and know by my clothes, fitness levels in football or weights I can lift and simply by looking in the mirror

of course I would never be looking at myself in the mirror 🙂

We do it at the start and end of the 6 Weeks to give people that bit of focus but we feel 6 Weeks is enough of a gap.

There is to much of an emphasis placed on figures while people need to appreciate the journey and just sticking it out week in week out

and committing to the process.

A lot of people think the exercise on it’s own is enough and of course it will give you loads of health benefits and get your body toning up which is what most people want

but to really get the best out of it the Diet needs to be looked after.

And not in any extreme way but just in a sensible 80/20 approach (Click here to find out more about the 80/20)

Think Big And Kick Ass



This is week 4 of our Platinum program in the Cavan & Enniskillen facilities so next Monday we will be starting another 4 week block

Sessions are on Mondays and Wednesdays only but you can do a week free to try it out as a trial

So if you are interested be sure to give me a shout

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