The diet that’s not really a diet???

Feb 21st, 2018

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The diet that’s not really a diet???

A right few of you asked me Monday evening in Dundalk about how I was feeling after my hectic wkend of Fitness testing with the Gah team and a soccer match Saturday night

As I write this Tuesday I have felt great and just a little stiff

The key to heavy training like that is 2 main things


and Sleep!

Yep, boring answers as always.

Some light stretching and mobility exercises also go down well.

So I have made sure to eat plenty of food to keep my cals up, which is always fun

and get my sleep!

While also hitting my supplements of course. (Click here to find out The Real Deal on Supplements)

Which as I have said before arn’t necessary if you are just starting out and looking to trim a few pounds as you should look to get it from food and sort your exercise out

but if you are training regularly and hitting a heavy training phase then it all adds up!

The Diet needs lots of everything to keep things going and it is a time when some extra treats arn’t the end of the world.

Hydration is of course another vital factor to the diet that always has to be added in. (Click here to find out the Many Benefits of Water)

The trick now is to keep on top of these sort of things going as it’s ok training hard at one stage but if we are not careful this can sometimes be where the damage is done and then


a Hamstring is pulled or an injury of some sort.

So like everything it is the daily actions we do that add up to the whole so I am hoping my actions over the past 1 and more will stand to me

I shall keep you posted.


Enough about me and onto more of our badass members getting badass results as that’s just how weroll:

Hi Darragh I am going to your 4pm classes since the second week in January. They are the best I have come across before this I was swimming going to gym and going to classes which was a lot of cardio I felt all of this was extremely hard work along with dieting. I was exhausted. Now I amenjoying it a lot. Less exercise 3 classes a week 45 mins I lost a stone in the 4 wks which was my target and I have toned up exactly what I wanted…5 weeks done 1stone 2pds off dieting well which doesn’t feel like one getting lots of veg and protein and little to no carbs. Now I need to maintain it and this is where I find it difficult. So fingers cross off to boxercise I go. Thank you for such great classes

The Diet that doesn’t feel like a diet?

Yes, it’s called normal, healthy eating

It’s not very sexy and it won’t sell many magazines or weight loss tablets but it’s what people in good health are doing

but let’s keep it as our little secret ok??

So a big congrats to this member on her success and hopefully she can keep it going.

The only problem here is that she would want to keep a steady amount of carbs for her training and overall health and these can be got from lots of veg, some Fruit and some rice, potatoes or bread would be ok

Just as long as we don’t get carried away with the amounts.

You can bet your bottom dolla I’ve had plenty of carbs the past few days to handle all this training.

Think Big And Kick Ass


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