This could be YOUR reality

Feb 7th, 2018

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This could be YOUR reality

I’m far from a happy clappy “life coach” and don’t intend on pretending to be one just because I train people

But I will just give one tip that works for me, so I am talking from experience here.

If there is one pet peeve I have is people taking things for granted and pissing and moaning about first world problems. (Click here to read another email I did covering this topic)


we all like a good moan now and again but the people that really have a chip on their shoulder and make dramas about little BS things in life

really “grinds my gears” as Peter Griffin would say!

Last week I was listening to a Podcast about Gratitude routines you can use to help you get some perspective on your day

and then I seen our very own Sarah O’Callaghan going through her “wins” on OperationTransformation

I can tell this stuff does really help when you are getting stressed.

At the end of the day your mind can be racing and it can feel like you have got nothing done all day

but when you actually sit down and go over your wins you realise you actually got loads done and tomorrow is a new day. (Click here to find out why you should count your wins)

On the Podcast they talked about various techniques that can be done.

Like anything there is no one size fits all and you have to find what works for you.

1 of the guys talking walks his dogs every morning and uses the time to think of the things he is grateful for, he focuses himself to get 3 every morning.

You can pick all the simple great little things that we have going for us and go from there.

If I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with business then I remind myself how lucky I am to have a business and clients in the first place

I know from lurking in enough FB groups that a lot of Fitness business owners would love to have the problems that comes with having a lot of clients!

We should always be grateful for the opportunity to be able to get up and go for a workout of any description because one day we won’t be able to

and we should always be grateful for the good people around us instead of letting the idiots drag down our day!

if you are thinking “It’s alright for these people, they don’t have the problems I have” then you most DEFINITELY need to get your head out of your ass and start doing this!

Everyone has problems and BS going on in their lives but it really is how we handle it and how we go about things.

Pick 3 things that you are grateful for this morning and I guarantee you it will pick your spirits up.

We are conditioned as humans to focus on the negative (so the experts say and I believe them on this one) so we have to make conscious efforts ourselves to get away from that.

I find the exercise above works great and is also why I try to listen to podcasts and read books to think bigger and more positively rather than focusing on the negative BS around us.

Be sure to let me know how you get on 🙂

Think Big And KickAss


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