This is were you LOSE

Feb 9th, 2018

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This is were you LOSE

It’s that day again that we all love

and we get to look forward to the weekend!

Unfortunately it can also be where a lot of people totally screw up their Fitness goals and what they have worked on during the week.

Of course we have to live a little and enjoy the craic here and there but there’s 2 important things to remember

1 – How much is enough and how much is too much

2 – While we have certain things on our social calendar like Birthdays, weddings, family events etc I really don’t think you have something EVERY weekend

Unless you are quiet the Social animal all together.

So here’s the thing and be sure to take note of this if you fall into the category where you feel that you are working really hard

but love to party every wkend

and are getting pretty frustrated at you lack of progress! (Click here to find out the easy and comfortable way to Results)

Say your maintenance calories is 2000 a day, so 14000 a week. This would be a common figure for males while females generally range around the 1500 mark (Click here to read How Many Calories Are You Burning?)

We will use the 2000 just for example.

For the 5 week days you eat 1800 calories a day and are doing great

That’s a total of 9’000 calories over the 5 days which allows you 5000 calories left for the weekend


and this is a big but

a bootaaay if you will

You eat 3000 calories, and from stories Iv’e heard I am being very generous here, on Saturday and Sunday that’s 6000 calories which puts you at 15000 cals for the week

See the problem here?

Your cals for the week are 14000 and you have eaten 15000 cals.

And from some clients I have spoken to you could very easily be talking 11000 calories over a wkend when you throw in a lash of alcohol and a lot of High Fat, High Sugar foods….

I’m sorry

and you might unsubscribe with me saying this but so be it

I don’t understand the mentality of “It’s the wknd so let’s celebrate by eating and drinking any shite we want”

I mean it’s only 5 bloody days since the last one

Like I said there are events on every few wkends that we go to and can have a few drinks and/ or some dodgy grub but we shouldn’t be doing the dog every single weekend

At some point we have to ask ourselves what is more important here?

The social events or my health?

To make any progress in any area of our life takes sacrifices

To make changes in any area of life takes sacrifices

and also balls to admit there is a problem and that we have to do XYZ to fix it.

While I don’t want to be dessie downer for your wkend

you know I like to keep you on the straight and narrow

and while you may have something that is actually important this wkend I’m sure if you sat down and looked at it you could find 3/4 wkends in a row that are quiet

which will give you a good 21/ 28 day momentum rather than 5 days on and 2 days off.

Try it out and be sure to let me know your thoughts…

Think Big And Kick Ass


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