What these pictures don’t tell you

Feb 26th, 2018

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What these pictures don’t tell you

I have been milking the testimonials a bit the past week or 2 I know but I hadn’t done many in a right while before that

I try to avoid them when possible and just throw some in when we get a lot in a short space of time.

And seeing as we are now approaching March I feel it is a very important time.

Most people’s “New Years Resolutions” are long dead in the water but now our attention turns to summer and getting ready for that

While this weather may not be great for motivation we should always be looking to give ourselves a push and get ourselves going. (If this doesn’t motivate you nothing will Read here)

Getting your sessions done and keeping on top of your diet will always stand you in good stead, especially when the summer months come around

The person who has been consistent will always come out on top and it’s always motivating to see other’s push and make progress (Click here to find out The Easy Confirtable Way to Results)

Unless of course your a Hater and just piss and moan all the time, then nothing makes you happy so just unsubscribe below and get out of here

So to get you pumped up on a frosty Monday morning here is an email I received last week:

Hi Darragh,

Generally not one for doing a testimonial but have no problem doing this one.

Having just completed the 6 week program I would recommend it and all your classes. My only problem was with family and workcommitments I could only make 2/3 sessions a week. I could go every day. Like most people it’s hard to find time to train but your 45 min workout flies by especially as you are in a group. It’s intense but you only work at your own level with great encouragement from the trainers.
My body shape has started changing for the good and along with your sensible nutrition plan I’ve shed afew pounds. My core strength has increased and as I like running also I’m already finding that I’m stronger at the end of my runs.
The classes are great value and I’m looking forward to continuing.
We’re lucky to have you in Dundalk and your classes are ideal for everyone.

We have had a lot of people comment on our “sensible nutrition” program since we opened in Dundalk as people are so used to the die hard crazy ones most trainers give you

As I have said before these are only done to massage these trainers egos so they can show before and after pictures showing massive differences

What these pictures can never show is that someone is feeling so much better about themselves

That they are sleeping better

That they are off the anti depressants they had to take

That their energy levels are through the roof

and all these other variables that can’t be measured with pictures or a set of weighing scales.

So today is the day to get your week off to the right start so you arn’t chasing yourself for the rest of the week


Think Big And Kick Ass



We have another 6 Week program starting next week the 5th of March in all 3 locations so if you, or anyone you know, are interested in getting started then be sure to get in touch.

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