11kg lighter in 6 Weeks???

Mar 5th, 2018

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11kg lighter in 6 Weeks???

So it looks like the storm has moved on and thank god for that….

Those days can definitely drag on but at least the electricity stayed on so managed to get some work done on the laptop and do some home workouts

As well as watch a lot of TV and whip out the ole Playstation again.

Could get use to Madden and FIFA again but have to keep aneye on these things as they can get out of hand.

I also managed to finish another book so will do a little feedback on it on Wednesday.

Back to reality now and have another 6 Week program starting in all 3 facilities this week…

Here is how one of the lads found the most recent program:

Hi Darragh. Just finished 6 weeks program and Im surprised with results. Ive lost 5in in my waist, 3in less in my chest and Im 11kg lighter. All that in 6 weeks!!! Thanks to all instructors at Dutchys for hard work and to Darragh for his motivating emails and diet tips because diet is 70% of success. I can honestly recommend Dutchys Fitness to everybody no matter how bad is your form. You can walk in from the street and nobody will be judging you. Theyare here to help you and they are the best in what they do. It is the best workout facility around. Thanks again guys for your work. Im definitely stayng with Dutchys for longer than 6 weeks!!!

First let me state the obvious that


and all that jazz.

But a big congratulations to Mateusz who put this up as a review on our Facebook page.

It’s amazing how much progress can be made in a short space of time with some focus and dedication. (Click here to find out what to FOCUS on above all else….)

Of course not everyone even has 11kgs to lose in the first place so that’s always important to remember, that we all have different goals and starting points.

We do try our best on the Diet side of things and my goal with these emails and all the messages we send out is that no member can leave us saying we didn’t try our best by them

Of course you get the odd person leave and then you hear about them saying stuff such as the diet was no good or this or that

Then you realise we didn’t receive 1 question from that person or any interaction at all.

It’s a simple passing on of responsibility as we always try to help people as best we can

Which is why you can simply send us a 3 day food diary and we can have a good look at what exactly you are doing right and wrong.

Now that the snow is gone and hopefully we can all get back to our normal lives be sure to get the week started off the right way


Think Big And Kick Ass



This week also sees the start of another run of our Platinum program in Cavan &Enniskillen.

We do proper strength work with a trainer there to guide you every step of the way on Mondays and Wednesdays while you get full access to classes on the other days.

If you are interested just give me a shout.

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