Less talk tends to mean more action

Mar 12th, 2018

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Less talk tends to mean more action

After years of being in the Fitness Business you notice various little trends that appear

Some are Fitness business related and I’m sure some are just life experiences that everyone notices as they get older.

1 being the difference from people that have a genuine complaint and other’s that are just always complaining.

At this stage I just pass no remarks as we will soon find out what sort of person he/ she is in due course.

Some people come in and genuinely don’t like other Gym’s/ Training centres but love us and what we do

and I’ve no doubt the opposite is also true!

And then you get the people who have comments on every gym/ facility in town.

They go somewhere for 2/ 3 Months and blow on about how great and wonderful it is…

at the expense of slating other places in town.

Then quit for a period of time before joining somewhere else and the process continues.

Which is why I never get into conversations about any “competition” or what others are getting up to.

There is enough out there for everybody and people will make up their own mind on what they think is best. (Click here to find out the BEST way to improve your results)

Getting involved in little bitch fests never serves us any good in any walk of life.

The other extreme to this that I have noticed is that the person who just signs up, get’s on with it and you hardly hear a peep from

is usually the person that is still with you in 6 months time and has made great progress. (Click here to find out about the long lonely path)

I suppose it’s empty vessels and all that…

Which is why it’s always important for any Gym/ training facility to be able to show the results their clients get as proof that they actually get the job done and do what they say

Improving Fitness & Health and feeling better about themselves would usually be the very least reward people should get for their efforts.

Losing 11 to 12lbs is also a bonus like this member:

Thanks Darragh.
I am getting into the training and enjoying it. Feelinstronger and finding the recovery time getting easier just done 4 days in a row.. not bad for someone who never set foot in a gym…. ever. All your trainers are very good I think they push hard but not to the point where you might give up.. I will be sticking with you guys for a while longer gonna sign up for another month anyhow and see if I can keep dropping the pounds.. so far down 11 to 12 lbs depending on when i hit the scales. Looking forward to getting measured next week..

So be sure to get yourself fired up and get your week off to the best possible start.


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