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Mar 30th, 2018

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My Recommendations

Before I get started be sure to remember that we are OPEN today and tomorrow in all locations but CLOSED Easter Monday….

Today I thought I would do a little recommendation email to help you out…


Personally I don’t have much time for a lot of the people Online.

We really do have to be more careful of who we follow online as we spend so much time checking Social Media and take on board what people are saying/ doing etc so unless they are that stupid it is actually hilariously funny and a great source of entertainment (Click here to find out about The Social Media Disorder)

then stop following them!

I’m also so so on the “Online Programs” as I don’t know how much people stick to them when no one around to push them when no trainer or training buddy

Of course it works for some people but I would imagine it’s a small percentage.

You may have heard of an Aussie guy who seems to be blowing up Instagram at the minute, James Smith

He is very good but only follow him if you actually want honest info and be called out on dumbass excuses as he is very blunt…

I would like to think I have been saying a lot of his stuff in these emails but he just says it better than me.

Another person to follow would be Phil Learney, especially if you are a nerd and love the real details.

Again, he gives good practical info that will actually HELP you and not just blowing on about their life experince and emotional BS most of the rest go on about

I’m sure there are lots of other great people doing great things but those are my top 2 for now.


My Podcast list hasn’t changed a lot this past while.

Not sure if they would interest you but here is my Podcast play list:

MFCEO Project – Just good rants about working hard and not letting small and dopey minds annoy you.

Grant Cardone – Business/ Getting your money right – While the topic of money does see people react in various ways, you still can’t escape the fact that

if want some sort of freedom in your life and not have to burst your ass your entire life you better be smart with your money

and since listening to Grant Cardone

So much so in fact that Lorraine asked me 1 morning

“All these podcasts you listen to, what have you actually learnt?”

And I went on for about 15 minutes straight on how my mindset has changed in the past 6 to 12 months since learning off Grant Cardone….

That put her in her box!!

Early To Rise (ETR) – Business/ Personal Development – This is a guy called Craig Ballantyne who is very good and this stuff and I have followed him for a long time.

He’s not as high energy, hyped and shall we say “American” as the other 2


Where to start here but of course it depends on your topic of interest. So here’s a random check list of recent books you can check out

The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

The Perfect Day Formula by Craig Ballantyne – The first 2 books are about planing your day and week. Of course they don’t mean literally a Perfect day or a 4 Hour work week which anyone with any intelligence would know

but you get great ideas about how to make your time more productive for you.

Relentless by Tim Grover – The difference in people Mindset

Jump Attack by Tim Grover – More for athletes looking to be more explosive

Think And Grow Rich by Napolean Hill – A classic self development book I first read when I about 19

Anything by Grant Cardone

NOTE: If you have zero ambition and think life’s just shite and that’s the way it is then any of the above will be null and void for you!

Of course I don’t agree with everything in all of the above books or what the people above say…

Sometimes I totally disagree or will stop listening if I think they have gone off on 1…

But in order to learn you need to study the people that are ACTUALLY doing it ( most of the time your family and friends ain’t doing it, or anywhere near it despite them meaning well most of the time)

and when you study enough for long enough you should be intelligent enough to make your own decisions from there. (Click here to find out Are you Making These Excuses)

Think Big And Kick Ass



We are getting great interest in the 30 minute PT sessions and slots are filling great.

It just makes great sense for you from a time and financial point and works great for us.

If you are a beginner these work great to get done and then out for a walk and improve the diet and you will be flying.

Or even if you are right fit and just want an extra “blowout” session then we can arrange that.

So get in touch and let us know a time that suits.


Platinum is starting again next week in the Cavan and Enniskillen facilities and we have a free week’s trial to start you off.

You get 2 strength sessions to try out on a Monday and Wednesday to see if it suits you as part of the trial

Again, if you want to do the trial then give us a shout.

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