My top 7 Mind Blowing (Not really) Recovery Strategies

Mar 28th, 2018

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My top 7 Mind Blowing (Not really) Recovery Strategies

This email will go a bit beyond people that are training less than 5 times a week and don’t have serious training goals in either athletic performance or looking shit hot naked

But for those who do 5 sessions or more a week and want to be a better athlete or simply want to look like a Greek God/ Godess with your kit off

then this is for you!

I’m sure you have read various article on this stuff before and I may or may not have something different for you but hopefully something will help you.

Here are my top tips for recovery and making sure you are getting the most out of your training.

I give these through personal experience over the years, not just throwing stuff from a text book like so many do.

The first 2 are the MOST important in my experience and the rest are secondary after that in no particular order.

You may not be able to do all of these or even need to but as always, you just have to try and do what you can:

– Sleep – We all know that you get the real results from your workout AFTER the actual event so it’s very important you get adequate sleep.

7 to 9 hours is really whats needed and if you can’t get that in a night then get some power naps in throughout the day if possible (Click here to find out about The Power of the Nap)

– Nutrition/ Hydration – Of course your body is made up of water so we need to make sure we are getting enough of it.

And of course we need enough Protein for muscle repair and growth and also our carbs/ fats for energy along with the repair and growth.

Try to make sure to hit that Protein target and make sure you are getting enough calories to keep you going. (Click here to find out more about eating Protein)

– Knowing your Body – Have some basic cop on and know when you need to take a rest of if some particular body part needs a rest over something else.

So if you have been doing a lot of running then you can do some lower body stretching/ mobility with some light power stuff and then have a solid upper body workout. (Click here to find out the Importance of Active Rest)

– Ice Baths – Not fun to do but definitely help.

– Warm Baths – Bit of a contradiction here you might say but after some heavy sessions it can be good to get home, stick some ice packs on for 10 mins and then hit a nice warm bath to chill out.

– Full Body Massage – and I mean a proper massage that gets reasonably stuck in. They don’t have to have you screaming in pain but you should feel something going on.

I have been getting one of these a month for about the last 18 months and give them full credit for keeping me injury free (touch wood)

– Stretching/ Mobility Work – This is a big topic but if you are taking your training seriously then you need to take this seriously.

The most basic way to improve this is to at least do FULL ranges in your reps whenever possible.

if your doing a Squat then get your ass down below parallel, at the very least, or even all the way down if you can.

We all have weak areas that can set us back so whatever yours areas, get 3 to 4 good drills/ stretches to improve them and do them consistently.

Yes it may look like I pamper myself a little here

But I hope to be about here for the long haul and I would like to think I don’t take my health for granted so if doing some, or sometimes all of the above, is going to enable me to keep training and looking after myself

then so be it!

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