3 Cold Hard Facts of Weight Loss

Apr 2nd, 2018

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3 Cold Hard Facts of Weight Loss

Don’t forget that we are closed today and back to business as usual tomorrow.

We had a bit of a bash at the house here last night for my birthday on Saturday when I turned 32 so today shall be a day of rest as they say…


I received this email reply last week that got me thinking:

Hi Darragh,

I am half way through the 6 week programme and very much enjoying it. I am getting to 2 classes a week (also doing a pilates class weekly). In terms of weight i am down 3lbs at present.

I am enjoying the classes and feel and look stronger. Some exercises i cannot fully do due back surgery 2 years ago however i can modify and feel it. I think the facility is excellent and very well run. The flexibility in the classes is the key for me as i travel 1500-2000 km a week and knowing i can change times is great. The classes are great as they are all different and you feel as though you have achieved something after 45mins and for the follow 48hrs.

The mix of exercises resulting in pairing up or group of 5 allows you to interact/ feel part of a team with like minded people. I really do like the fact that there are people of all ages and abilities in the class, nobody is judging anyone, there are no mirrors so egos are not present and there is sense of respect.

I need to work on food plan, in saying that i am not eating crap. I just need to get use to cooking. (Single life)

I have found the experience to date very positive and feel stronger physically & mentally.

And it got me thinking about 3 facts about Fat Loss that we don’t hear that often:

1 – Your body is still working hard repairing muscle tissue AFTER your workout for up to 32 hours. That’s why if you do it right a short intelligent workout can get you great results. (Click here to get 5 Tips to the Perfect Workout)

2 – Having a coach/ trainer and working in a group has been proven massive for your success. No matter what you want to do in life, trying to do it on your own is a sure fire way to hardship and most likely failure (Click here to find out the difference between Gym Versus Group Training)

3 – It doesn’t take long before you can see change. No matter how low you are in any area of your life, make a few changes and stick at it for a few weeks and that’s all you need to see a little bit of improvement

and that little bit of improvement will give you enough confidence to keep progressing and working at it.

Of course it is a Bank Holiday Monday so their may not be much activity today but then we need to make sure to get back at things tomorrow as it’s a short week.

Think Big And Kick Ass



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