Burpees, Depression and Bad Choices

Apr 30th, 2018

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Burpees, Depression and Bad Choices

So we are back in action for another week

No doubt you made some questionable dietary decisions over the wkend and now you feel the full effects of it

Well it’s not the end of the world…

While I fully believe people need to take responsibility for their actions and learn how to handle the wkend

there is no point in getting depressed over it either.

The best thing to do is get a good workout in today and it will get your head space back in the right zone. (Click here for the easy and comfortable way to results)

Got great feedback from Friday’s email of my buddy Ronan and also got got feedback from the people who are half way through the current 6 Week program

Like this person:

Hello Darragh,
instructors are great and facilities perfect. The greatest advantage for me is the option to pick any of the 32 classes. between work and 2 kids this is crucial and allows me to get to 3 classes per week. the toughest were the last 2…but still got through them grand.

Boxercise is great but it definitely takes longer to recover

I was sticking to the food as per the first email. I will print the new nutrition plan this weekend and start shopping, but the good news is that we are familiar with most of whats on the list anyway.

so in summary…all good..change nothing (except maybe a ban on burpees !! lol)

Yes, you are familiar with most that’s on the Nutrition program, you don’t need 101 Meal plan ideas that you won’t stick to anyway and will just put more pressure on you.

We just need to focus on the basics and stick to them (To find out what to FOCUS on above all else Click here)

and of course we can’t put a ban on burpees,

everyone just loves them so much I’d be afraid there would be a mutiny on our hands 🙂


As I said above,

be sure to get in today to start the week right and get yourself going.


Think Big And Kick Ass



Don’t forget you now have the choice of 30 minute PT sessions if you feel that’s best for you both time wise and finances wise.

People are loving these sessions and are using them for a variety of reasons.

Some are doing them to build their confidence and fitness up before hitting the classes while some are balancing them with the classes.

So whatever your goal is, if this is something you would be interested in then give me a shout.

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