Do it for You

Apr 16th, 2018

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Do it for You

The weekend is over and now we face into another week as we hit mid april

Hopefully this email reply will help you beat them Monday blues and get you fired up to get your workout done today to set you up for the week:

Hi Darragh
Apologies for not replying to your messages earlier. Work and home life is manic! That’s why the sessions are so great for me! I live nearby so can be at a class and back home in less than an hour!! I have really enjoyed the last six weeks at Dutchy’s. I feel so much stronger and more confident that I actually can do exercise. The classes are brilliant. Challenging and always different. I missed week 5 , was away and then unwell. The first class back was difficult which made me determined to not miss a full week again! I’m going to get measurements done at the end of next week. My weight hasn’t gone down but I know I now need to focus on the nutrition and take that part seriously. Although a lot of people have commented that I’m looking leaner!!! Which is nice to hear. Anyway I am signing up for monthly membership tomorrow. I’m excited to continue my new fitness journey at Dutchy’s and continue to see results. Before I go I need to mention how welcoming and encouraging the staff are. They have been great! Thanks also for the emails, they do make you think about what you are doing!! Ha ! I’m sure you are thinking will she ever stop?? Well I will now!! Again thanks for everything , signing up for the six week programme was probably the best thing I have done for me for a very long time!! Will be in on Monday!!!

2 things of note right there.

Nutrition is always the hardest part to get right and stay consistent with. (Click here to find out the Key to Being Consistent)

It will never be perfect and having to follow a “Diet” and have a life is never really gonna work long term.

That’s why you need to eat the right foods 80% of the time, get your Protein in and nail the basics so you can allow for nights out and those “fudge the whole thing” moments... (Click here to find out about the 80/20)


Is that it was the best thing she has done for HER!

There isn’t enough people doing things for themselves!

A lot of people do things for their families and their children which of course is great but there should still be time for yourself

and another big reason people do things is to impress other people or to be simply seen doing it.

You see it all the time where the cool trend is and people on Social Media looking for attention rather than just doing what they want because they bloody want to….

The older I get the more I realise I simply enjoy working out, eating good food and working on my businesses and feeling productive.

I actually enjoy it.

And this “dream” of lying about doing nothing all day with the feet up snacking on shit food really is not for me!

Some chill time and a cuppa in the evening is loads, but only if it has been a good productive day.

So don’t feel guilty about doing it for YOU and because you simply enjoy it

A happier you will be much more beneficial to your family anyway than a grumpy you

Make sure to get the week off to the best possible start by getting in for your workout today


Think Big And Kick Ass


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