Does McDonalds have a monopoly on your waistline

Apr 4th, 2018

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Does McDonalds have a monopoly on your waistline

That was a great Bank Holiday wkend and had a great night Sunday celebrating my birthday…..

Unfortunately what goes up must come down and the 2 days post “session” are always great reminders of exactly why I don’t do it very often! (Click here to find out when You Booze, You Lose)

But it was great craic at the time….


It made me think of such topics as “Hangover Food” and how we enjoy it that one day every now and again and if your getting every other aspect correct then this 1 day of “Hangover Food” really won’t set you back very far at all

The problem is when people are having it regularly

The Enniskillen folks here will know that a Chip shop opened next door to our unit…

In my youthful innocence I thought chip shops and fast food shops like Mc Donalds etc we’re only really busy at wkends

I mean

Who the Hell eats a chippy at lunchtime in the middle of the week

But no,

No No

it does be hopping pretty much every evening!

Obviously fair play to the owner if business is going well and I wouldn’t like to think of myself as a judgemental person

each to their own and all that

But if you are eating take away’s on a regular basis I think you need to assess things a little.

One lady actually came into us to inquire about the 6 week program and then left and walked straight into the chippie,

No doubt part of the “Diet starts Monday” train of thought

Then did 1 session with us and never came back.

Like I said, I’m not judgemental

But you can see deluded people a mile away.

The problem of course is that I am sort of preaching to the converted here and I would assume anyone that takes time to read these types of emails isn’t hitting the chippy on a regular basis.

But realise these are the type of people trying to drag you down to their level and always have an excuse for something (Are you making These Excuses? Click here)

Whereas more positive people tell stories like this:

Hi Darragh,

Thanks a million for your email. Your very good. I will 100% enjoy some cake today, not much though. Haha..

Just letting you know my experience so far with Dutchys Fitness. I started the 6 week course in enniskillen at the beginning of January mainly just to up my fitness levels as I had no fitness what so ever and to tell you the truth I was a little nervous and didn’t think I’d last the 6 weeks. Each class is always different and all of the instructors are so down to earth and helpful. Even when your ready to give up their there cheering you on. The atmosphere is great. Anyway, here I am in my 2nd month of membership with dutchys fitness, I try to go at least 3 times a week and I have seen such a change in my mood and fitness. I actually look forward to the classes now and intend in keeping my membership for the foreseen future. So thanks for opening a great facility in enniskillen 🙂

Think Big And Kick Ass



Remember we are now doing 30 minute Personal Training sessions and are getting great interest so it’s just a matter of trying to arrange suitable times for everyone.

If this sound like something you are interested in then be sure to fill out this form and get back to me

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