Fancy a holiday???

Apr 11th, 2018

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Fancy a holiday???

I have recently been chatting to 2 members who have booked holidays off the money they have saved from quitting smoking

One of them was also weighing up the option of €75 being too much for a monthly membership (after really enjoying the 6 week program) and realised if she got the finger out and stopped the fags she could afford it (Click here to find out why you should attack the 1 thing!!!)

So from just quitting smoking she has made a massive impact on her energy levels, confidence and her total health and has a nice holiday in the sun to look forward to.

I may be the big ole cranky ruthless business man who is only after your monies etc

Or maybe I just know when people are full of complete BS.

I had a serious LOL to myself when driving home from Dundalk Monday night

Listening to a Grant Cardone podcast some guy was on saying he couldn’t afford $1000 to invest in some course or other

While that is a right bit of money you don’t ring into these sort of guys podcast crying about $1000


Cardone asked him when was the last time he spent $1000 on anything

Dude replied by saying he bought a Gucci Belt or some BS like that

Cardone called him an idiot and told him to get off his show

Personally, I thought it was hilarious but maybe that’s just me.

Cardone’s point was that if this dude hadn’t spent this $1000 on trying to impress his buddies then he would have no problem investing it now.

and it got me to thinking of our prices.

people say €75 is to much (not many in fairness but I’m sure that’s a reason people give themselves for not signing up and I do be told that sometimes)

but yet they spend that in a few hours on a few rounds of Jaegar bombs on a Saturday night

Or they spend €300 on some dumbass designer bag they seen some Blogger yap on about so they had to buy to be all cool and stuff

That €300 could get you anywhere from 3 to 6 months membership in a good gym depending on where your based and which program you choose

but it would definitely make a much more positive impact on your life than yet another material possession.

Even a 12 month membership of €680 or 3 months platinum of €480 is what some women spend on a pair of shoes

or some men spend on a new TV or the latest cool gadget.

I always say each to their own so I’m not judging

If that’s how people want to spend their hard earned cash then everyone is entitled to do what they want

just don’t be pissing and moaning about your health and saying you can’t afford when you clearly can.

While there is a small percentage of people bursting their ass just to get by, these are the minority!

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