Lessons from Gnorrhea

Apr 6th, 2018

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Lessons from Gnorrhea

The latest Box set we just finished was the Italian mob show


which we couldn’t really pronounce so we just called it Gnorrhea

Just our little joke,

you had to be there!

Anyhoo, as with all these types of shows there is loads of ass kicking mayhem to keep us entertained so we enjoyed it.

It will take some effort for one of these shows to beat The Sopranos in my eyes as it was just top quality stuff

The interesting thing about these dudes is they can never walk away

There is always another battle to be won and another lump of money to be made until they end up getting shot dead.

And they want to do all this the easy way.

A quick job here and there to make a big pay day.

And just like we do every day looking for the easy way out

The quick fix

Rather than playing the long game and actually committing to something

Even though there will be good and bad days and loads of days of thinking

“Why do I even bother, am I going anywhere with this!”

Which I have in business regular enough, despite what people might think…

But when I calm down and especially when I have a good day I know it’s all worth it for a variety of reasons.

And unfortunately people do this with their Fitness & Health all the time

Jumping from one program to the next

1 diet to the next (Click here to fimd out the principles of all diets)

and never sticking to what will really get them long term sustainable results.

As it involves all those boring tasks like eating proper food and having to actually exercise regularly


After having a ropey enough wkend last wkend in terms of diet it just made it even more clear how important having a good wkend is

Having a bad wkend and just eating and drinking whatever you want leaves you playing catch up until about Wednesday as you feel sorry for yourself

But having a good wkend leaves you ready to get after it for another week!

So while you may have some fun event over the next few days try to make sure you still cover the wkend essentials:

– Drink enough water (Click here to find out the many benefits of water)
– Get moving and do some exercise even if it’s not massive high intensity
– Hit your Protein requirements. Even if you are eating out or going to a party, get the Protein in around that (Click here to find out if you can really eat too much Protein)
– Have some cop on. For your own sake don’t just stuff your face for the sake of it.

Very simple pointers that can still be achieved while having a good wkend.

We will be out for dinner ourselves and also have Football training and a match.

Think Big And Kick Ass



We can still fit people in for our 30 minute Personal Training sessions.

Especially those day time hours between say 11 to 4:00 or so.

While we still have some room in morning and evening if that suits as well as Saturday mornings.

If you are interested just fill in the form


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