Stop it!! I can’t help you

Apr 25th, 2018

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Stop it!! I can’t help you

Time to nip something well and truly in the bud….

Sometimes we simply can’t help people…

When we get comments such as:

“I need to be told exactly what to eat and I will stick to it, can you do me a meal plan?”

No you don’t and

No I can’t.

“A 3 day food diary, I wouldn’t have time to fill that out!”

If you can’t take the time to write in an email what you are eating then you won’t give yourself the time to get more detailed on your diet.

We need to know what you are at and where you are starting off before we can start advising you.

It’s pretty much common sense.

I wouldn’t just say go away there and Squat 100kgs when I know nothing about you and maybe you can’t squat at all…

How about telling yourself to

Quit eating the bloody biscuits!!

We have 2 parts to our Nutritional structure (Click here for Complicated Nutrition Myths Explained)

The first program we give out is a basic program for 14 days to get you started as the last thing you want is information thrown at you as it can be a lot to take in

It’s much better for you to get your 2- 4 classes in a week and just make really simple changes to your diet

2 Weeks of this will make enough progress that you will build your confidence up and be started on the right track…

Then there is another program with more advanced Nutritional philosophies and guidelines to follow as well as a 7 day EXACT meal plan…

This meal plan is to give you an idea but obviously you don’t have to eat it all exactly but you can take some of those meals and implement them into your Diet.

Or if you really want to then you can stick to those meals by the letter.

Meal plans won’t solve your problem


If they did then we would all be sticking to our diets no problem and getting on with our lives.

A nutritional philosophy and basic understanding is your best hope of making proper consistent progress. (Click here to find out the easy & Comfortable way to get results)

And you will get that from reading these emails and/ or following other people who arn’t trying to sell you some BS program…

I do think about our 2 part structure and think do we need to change it but I’m always happy with it when I think about it.

And for anyone that genuinely wants more help and want us to advise them then we are always happy to do that and have done so for numerous clients.

So if you do think you need an EXACT meal plan then try to just understand what you are eating and how many calories in it

And how many calories do you need.

These are the things you want to be thinking about rather than strict meal plans that you arn’t going to stick to anyway.

Don’t forget the 12 Week Get Lean Project starts this Monday coming and we have spots at 7:45 and 11:30am in Cavan and 11:30am and 8pm in Enniskillen.

If you are interested just give me a shout here with your number and a good time to call you so we can discuss any questions you have.

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