Anything ISN’T Possible

May 9th, 2018

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Anything ISN’T Possible

Them Bank holidays don’t be any easier to get over

You feel like your missing out on something and being a boring so and so until you go out again and then die for 2 days after it

and you realise why you never go out anymore.

It’s a vicious circle..

Anyhoo, enough of me feeling sorry for myself…

Unlike so many Fitness and Motivational people who believe “Anything is possible” I think that’s a load of BS

When someone doesn’t have something in them they will never become the great athlete, musician, businessman they dream to be


While it may look sexy in a Youtube video or TV ad it doesn’t really stack up in the real world..

but what we can do is give 100% to anything we do in life so that we can always say we tried our best and there are no regrets (Click here to find out why to Attack that 1 Thing!)

even if we fail miserably at least we can say we tried our best and it wasn’t to be.

and that’s it’s vital that we still think positively and attack our goals to see how close we can get.

Like this member who always puts a great effort into each workout:

Hi Darragh,

I’ve been meaning to email you this while, but I never did.

I look forward every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning to reading your emails. All of them are based on different aspects of fitness, nutrition, life in general or all of these.

I can relate to them all of the time in some way and I’m sure most other people can too. The emails are so well-written and just hit the nail on head with whatever the point of the email is.

The classes at Dutchy’s fitness are unreal. It is obvious that all of the instructors know their stuff and deliver the classes really well, regardless of the number of people at the class.

Every single class is different which actually makes me want to go. (I love a challenge).

Along with the actual content of the classes being really good, all of the instructors are encouraging and motivating to get the best out of everyone there, regardless of their level of strength or fitness.

The variety of class times are brilliant as you can swap and change the classes you go to depending on what suits.

Since last September, I’ve only lost a half a stone on the scales but I have toned up a lot, which makes it a lot easier to fit into clothes and to be comfortable in them.

I’ve always been really into football but since September, there is definitely a significant difference in my strength in general, but especially my upper body strength, which I now know is vital.

Sometimes, ladies football really focuses on running and the various skills but the strength part is left behind, which is obviously a huge disadvantage.

From going to the classes at Dutchy’s fitness, my confidence and performance on the pitch has peaked.

(I hope this doesn’t sound like I’m full of myself. I’m not like that. But because I’m a lot stronger now, I can take on any player regardless of her height or size, stop a player from getting out, etc. You know the crack, since you play football.)

I have also been chosen as the captain this year, which I’m delighted with, especially after bagging our first piece of silverware of the year last weekend.

Thank you all so much for everything. Dutchy’s fitness is just savage and I wish you all the success that you deserve.

Sorry for the long email.

P.S. Your email this morning was just quality. I laughed.

Best Wishes,

well schucks

get me all embarrassed now!

But 1 thing I have learnt over the years is that all we can do is facilitate people and help them out as best we can

It’s you guys that have to do the real work and make the sacrifices and that’s just the way it is.

if it was 100% down to us then everyone who walks in the door would be telling similar stories but unfortunately that’s not the case

for whatever reason!

So well done to this person and everyone else who takes responsibility for themselves… (Click here to find out why with great classes comes great responsibility)

Don’t forget that next week we have some small changes to the timetable in both Cavan and Enniskillen so if you arn’t sure of them be sure to ask a trainer next time you are in or read the wall.

Think Big And Kick Ass


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