Are you sitting outside?

May 18th, 2018

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Are you sitting outside?

First of all I’m going to put you on the spot,

Did you do my little test from Wednesday and check out My Fitness Pal? (Click here to read Wednesdays email)

If not then cool but try to set aside 30 minutes this wkend and study it.

When you are about to waste 30 minutes of your life scrolling through Social Media just think of My Fitness Pal.

In other news our 6AM classes in Cavan have started off great this week with 19 and 22 in them and has took the pressure off the 7AM as well

if we can keep up those sort of numbers we will definitely look at keeping them and maybe/ possibly (don’t quote me on this) add another one in.

Wednesday evening I went through some phone calls of people who have shown interest in our 6 Week program but haven’t signed up…

A lot of the time people just need a nudge in the right direction as they be scared beyond belief about coming in. (Click here to find out if this doesn’t motivate you nothing will….)

This lady was terrified and thought she would stand out like a fart in a lift.

Unfortunately this is the same mentality so many people have and we can all have in different areas.

We think people actually give a shit about our problems.

I’ve had people tell me they have actually sat outside our gym for 20 minutes and then drove home as they couldn’t face it.

The reality is while we all might have the odd bit said about us here and there most people are to busy worrying about their own BS to take about ours…

remember Fear is just





she said she would be in Thursday at 7pm so as of writing this I don’t know if she will be in but hopefully.

We all have to start somewhere and make our progress bit by bit so hopefully she made it in last night and in a few weeks she willl be able to tell a similar story to this client:

Hi Darragh

The first couple of classes was hard. I did feel like the new girl and a bit out of place.

As the days went on I got more confidence in the routine and movements. I was flying then.

I love the fact that everyone is there for the same reason and no one really gives a shit what way you are. When your finished around sweating the bit out and trying to catch your breath we are all in the same boat.

Instructors are grand and I guess it’s hard for them also seeing new faces all the time. I like that they correct us (me) if a movement isn’t been done right. They are great at pushing and encouraging us all to give it a bit more and to get more out of the routine.

I have went to 4 classes this week and I specially like the boxing class.

I’m really getting into it now and I definitely can say I’m hooked at this stage. It’s hard some days to get motivated to go after working all day but when I go I feel great afterwards. It’s the fastest 45 mins ever.

I definitely intended to keep it going after next week. Now that I’m comfortable with the facility the trainers and I’ve met some nice people there also.

I’m glad I signed up and have almost 6 weeks under my belt.

Many thanks

So remember while we can all enjoy the wkend, (Find out How to Easily Handle the Weekend)

We must not undo our good work from this week and then wonder we are arn’t making any progress.

Think Big And Kick Ass



We are now taking on Personal Training clients in the Dundalk facility as a few people have asked.

If 1-2-1 Personal Training is something that interests you then be sure to fill out the form at the link here and then book in a call with me so we can go over all your goals, any issues etc

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