Do you need to get better?

May 4th, 2018

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Do you need to get better?

You look at so many top athlete’s and they may not got better season to season or game to game

But they stay consistent as they are injury free.

That tells you 2 vital things:

– The importance of consistency

– and the importance of staying injury free.

and you can’t have 1 without the other.

That’s why many athlete’s are always juggling that tricky balancing act of working hard but still leaving a little in the tank so they don’t over do it.

It also tells us something else very interesting that I don’t think people appreciate enough.

Not everything can keep going up the way.

Messi might score 50 goals one season, is he going backwards or a bad player if he “only” scores 50 again the next season or god forbid only 45 goals?

Hell no,

If he can keep that record up season after season like him and Ronaldo have done then it’s pretty damn unbelievable.

Same with Tom Brady’s Quarter Back stats and any other athlete… (Click here to find out more about Tom Brady’s Stats)

A person recently asked me if one of the gyms is getting busier and busier

Knowing what numbers we should be hitting I know it is performing great so my goal is to keep it like that

Keep current clients happy as best we can and keep trying our best to get new people in

As a few people will always leave every month for whatever reason.

Same in any business.

And so it is with your fitness

Maybe you are happy with where you are and if you keep doing the same thing’s diet wise it will be hard to push any further

And maybe just turning up every week and doing your sessions and following the diet the way you are is all you need to meet your goals

and if that’s the case then great!

Any maybe sometimes you genuinely need to make changes as you are not happy with where you are and haven’t made any progress in the past 6 odd months.

There’s a lot of maybes there which shows how we are all different and are chasing different things.

So you need to be able to think for yourself and decide what you want to do

while also relying on an intelligent trainer to be able to talk to,

not your buddies who read something in the paper about someone saying something about weight training being bad for you or something like that about something!

Of course we should always be pushing ourselves on and be curious to learn new things as life would be very boring otherwise (Click here to find out what is the Spice of Life….)

but also understand that we could be doing a lot of things right as well and we don’t want to take away from that.

And don’t forget that we will be closed Bank Holiday Monday in all 3 locations so if you are feeling fresh then be sure to get out for a run or a nice walk.

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