More Stress Needed??

May 14th, 2018

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More Stress Needed??

I was listening to a great Podcast going up the road to Dundalk last Thursday for my talks in National Pen..

It covered a lot of various topics but 1 thing he came across I found really interesting and I have heard people talking about it before

The topic of stress in our lives

And how we want to always avoid stress as much as possible. (Click here to find out why Stress is killing your goals)

Think of the greatest thing you have accomplished in your life

Getting a great education like very high points in your leaving or a degree/ Masters or Phd maybe

Setting up a business

Succeeding in a Sport

Saving/ earning a lot of money

And of course the most stressful of all things


But the stress from these have all lead to a great achievement.

The hours and hours of study or training and the sacrifices we make along the way.

and while Family can cause us the most stress, especially if you have children from what I have been told, where would we be without them?

When you think of getting yourself in great shape what’s the 1 major thing you need to do

Hit tough workouts that STRESS the body

If you don’t get that Stress point then you don’t get the reward at the end of it.

The major thing I think we all need to learn is how to handle stress better and to know what stress is worth it and what isn’t

Doing mental hours of Cardio and starving yourself is an example of a stress that can be removed from your life.

We often see people that can handle a lot going on in their lives while others struggle to cope with any stress at all

So maybe we are best knowing what our stress level is and working from there

But to want to have no stress means taking on no challenges and ultimately not doing anything remotely successful with your life in any area (Click here to find out the BEST way to improve your results!)

The point is that everywhere we look people are talking about removing stress and always looking for the easy way out

and that’s how we caught being comfortable and going through the motions.

If you are not succeeding at something but you know it can work then sometimes it just takes a longer grind and a little change in your approach

That’s where having intelligent and honest people around you should help keep you straight.

And just to finish on some housekeeping,

Don’t forget we have our next 6 Week Program starting in all 3 facilities today…

People can start any day that week so if you haven’t plucked up the courage yet or know someone that hasn’t then be sure to tell them they can come along any day this week.

I also sent an email yesterday about the changes coming in this week to the Cavan and Enniskillen timetable so to see the new timetables just go here

Cavan –

Enniskillen –

Think Big And Kick Ass


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