Sugar Tax: Good or Bad Idea?

May 2nd, 2018

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Sugar Tax: Good or Bad Idea?

So the Sugar Tax is coming into effect and as with anything, has caused some debate.

While I can see both sides I have to say I am in favor of it.

Some say it will make no difference to Obesity and people’s health but most of the people saying that are only worried about their own pockets. (Click here to read about obesity problems in Ireland)

It’s most definitely worth a try

There is so much information online with Food ideas and so many options to buy better quality food I don’t think there is really an excuse for not eating better if you really want to

The last half decent excuse some people make is that it is to expensive

and if nothing can be done about that then it’s best to up the price of the rubbish food choices.

I’m sure people thought the smoking ban would make no difference to people smoking but it has definitely made a big impact on how people view smoking and their awareness of the health effects.

In the UK the number of children under 16 who regularly smoke has halved to 3% since 2007 – the lowest figure on record.

So while these things may not make massive impacts over night or in a year or 2 they do have an influence in years to come

with Ireland’s Obesity levels growing all the time then something needs to be done and this is a step in the right direction. (Click here to find out about the Most Dangerous Drug of our Time)

Especially if sodas are going to remain so cheap and young people are drinking litres of them every day then something needs to be done to try and put them off.

So many illnesses and health issues originate from Obesity and people’s diet choices that is costing the government millions every year

While I would never be a big fan of any politician they have to try and do something and this is about all they can do…

As I have learnt myself from working with people over the years,

if they are determined to NOT be helped then by god they will NOT be helped.

People want to make excuses for what’s going on around them rather than take responsibility for their own situations

and this is a start to getting people aware of the harm they are consistently doing to their bodies and then wanting the Health service to sort it out for them in the long run.

Of course you would like to see this new tax money spent on good positive projects and not just lining some big wigs pockets and pension plan

but that’s a story for another day!

What’s your opinion on the new tax, do you agree with me or disagree?

Be sure to let me know and tax or no tax

Keep your diet 80% good food and hit your Protein numbers while getting your exercise in for the day and you won’t be far off!!

Think Big And Kick Ass


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