The WORSE thing you can do

May 28th, 2018

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The WORSE thing you can do

So that was a hectic few days just gone

A buddies wedding on Thursday followed by the inevitable hangover on Friday and managed to take evening classes in Enniskillen, soccer cup final on Saturday and a Gaelic match on Sunday….

Which leads to a lot of work to catch up on today.


While I am not a Physio or an expert in injuries the one thing that I have noticed over the years is the worse thing you can do with an injury

is to do nothing for a long period of time. .

Of course it needs time to rest and heal so do what needs to be done but it is very common for people to get overly protective. (Click here for my Top 7 Recovery Strategies)

Have had a few injries myself and know that they need a little bit of rest but that you also have to build up the movement in them and build things back up.

If you are a little bit cynical like myself you might even think some people are almost happy to have a good excuse to ly about and feel sorry for themselves.

Not everyone of course, but some.

And with the help of a good Physio and trainer you should be able to build yourself up bit by bit as long as you use some common sense…..

Like this member just did:

Hi Darragh,

Sorry about the delayed feedback but between Weddings Communions and Holidays I am only getting around to sending this e-mail now.

Where do I start firstly I really enjoyed the classes. They are so diverse and the Trainers really make an effort to changed the circuits every class so you never get bored with the same routine.

For me my reasons for joining was to get some more movement and flexibility into my back. You see I had a back operation 2 years ago and to protect myself I stopped bending and lifting so I became very rigid in my movements and I wanted my old life back.

This 6 weeks course has given me my confidence back and allowed me to push myself and not be so afraid to gives things a go. The instructors are so lovely and they really encourage you to do what you can and there’s no pressure if you can’t.

I have only positives about these classes.

No 1: my sleep has improved Iv gone form waking twice in an night to sleeping right through 7 hours which is a big improvement for me.

No 2: No more stiffness in my back when I wake first thing in the morning.

No 3: Funnily enough my digestion has improved.

No 4: I can fit into those new pair of jeans I bought 3 years ago that wouldn’t event go up past my thighs. I never got my last weigh in but I can tell you that I have lost inches from everywhere and it has not gone unnoticed.

I have signed up for the monthly classes and can’t wait to get started next week.

Best Regards and Thank you.

While it can be easy to get protective about injuries and obviously with something as serious as the back you have to be careful

But it’s also vitally important to remember that we need to get our bodies moving again. (Click here to find out why this is the place for you)

So make sure to get the week started in the right manner by getting your first session in today to set yourself up


Think Big And Kick Ass



Enniskillen is still open today even with the Northen Bank Holiday and all 3 facilities will be closed next Monday for the Bank Holiday.

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