Which is better?

May 30th, 2018

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Which is better?

There’s a lot to be said for the old saying of

Move more, Eat less

When it comes to trimming a few pounds.

Of course something is better than nothing and eating less is a very good start for people that are very overweight. (Click here to find out why you should Eat MORE not Less)

But when looking to lose 7lbs to 3 stone things get a little bit more complicated.

As we all know the likes of walking or to much cardio and walking from machine to machine in a gym ain’t gonna cut it when you want to get some solid results. (Click here to find out Why to Limit Cardio for Fat Loss)

No way,

no how!

You need to put a bit more thought into things and be a bit smarter about your training.

And when your training is fun then of course it all makes it a lot easier.

Over the years we have heard a lot of weight loss stories and about how the classes have had people feeling so much better about themselves.

But I can’t remember many stories just as good as this one:

Hi Darragh and all the team

Just wanna thank you all for giving me the exercise bug! I left Chris’s class this morning feeling great with a huge buzz from such a tuff workout ( bust yourself for two minutes 😀). I’ve been with Dutchys from January, and have lost 1 stone and a good few inches! I’m really enjoying the classes, but the weight loss is only 1 of the benefits, a major point for me and I’m sure other ladies that have had kids, is how much my pelvic floor has strengthened,I know people don’t really talk about this issue much, but it can be a real put off for a lot of women going to the gym, I found a couldn’t jump or really run much at the start, but with all the great advise from sharon on tightening the core muscles while doing some of the exercises has really improved what I’m able to now! Also I’ve ditched the antidepressants, ( with instruction from my doctor) I found that with hitting the gym, I didn’t need them anymore ! I really thought about writing this email because I know it’s very personal but if it helps someone else then I’m happy enough 😊. So a huge thanks to you and the team in Dundalk .

Between coming off the anti depressants, losing 1 stone and her improvement with her pelvic floor it’s hard to know which is the greatest achievement…

But they are all bad ass

and a bit of continuation from Monday’s emails that the worse thing you can do is nothing!

And if you can chip away through them difficult times eventually you will come out the other side, easier said then done of course.

So I hope that email helps to put a spring in your step today as it’s giving another cracking day which should also put us all in better mood.

​Think Big And Kick Ass



We are taking on more PT clients in all facilities but especailly Dundalk and the Clones area

If you are interested in that then fill out this form



Stephen had a great mix yesterday morning for his early classes with a nice balance between the 6am, 7am and even the 9:30am.

So if we can keep that up and try to make the 6am and 10:30am whenever possible as there’s no danger of them being overly full.

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