6 Steps to do this More Often

Jun 13th, 2018

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6 Steps to do this More Often

So Mondays email created a bit of a stir so was good craic chatting to a few ones…


Today a want to mention a few simple ways to get more activity in your life.

Especially in this better weather when it’s easier to get outside and we have more motivation to do so.

You always want to be getting more movement into you day and not just thinking that I done my 45 or 60 minutes of exercise so that’s me done (Click here for 3 Cold Hard Facts of Weight Loss)

and there are loads of ways of getting activity in no matter what your job or home life are like.

While the world has gone a little a mad on the whole 10’000 steps thing it is still a good target and number to aim for and most people are falling well short of it.

The following are just a few little ideas and while they may not ALL be possible for you there is no doubt that at least 1 or 2 of them are.

So let’s get stuck right in:

Take stairs instead of lifts: If you find you are out of breath by the time you walk up a flight of stairs then all the more reason why you need this.

But even if you arn’t then it’s a handy way of building up your steps throughout the day as doing this 3-4 times a day will soon build up over the course of the week.

Park further away from work: Simple enough I would imagine. Get some easy extra activity in by not parking right at the door.

Will it really kill you to walk 2 minutes further?

Get active with the housework: This one may already be covered by a lot of people reading this so you know exactly what I mean.

Take children to playground or just be active and play with them at home: Get active with your children either at the park, in the house or where ever you can go.

Kick about with them or whatever it is they are into and not only do you get some quality family time, you also get some activity in for yourself.

Stand up desk if sitting a lot: We all know at this stage that to much sitting is bad for us. It is very bad for our posture so if we then go to workout it is obviously going to come against us.

At the very least we will be stiffer of ourselves and will take us longer to get going and at worse will lead to injuries.

Walk on lunch break: listen to a good podcast and get your education on instead of listening to gossip nonsense in the office

For me the stand up desk works well and we always try to use stairs when on holidays as well just to build the activity up.

If I have training in the evening and have spent the day sitting I will always feel it at training that evening and takes me that bit longer to get going.

But if I have been standing for at least a bit of the day and get some stretching in before hand then I can get going a lot quicker.

Remember it is the little things done day in and day out consistently that gets the big results in the end so that’s why we need to keep chipping at the block.

Think Big And Kick Ass



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