Can you change a worldview?

Jun 1st, 2018

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Can you change a worldview?

At the minute I am reading a book by Seth Godin called

All Marketers Tell Stories

and it is a really fascinating book on how people have certain worldviews and beliefs and how ingrained they are.

It reminds me of the quote that

What we see depends on what we look for!

This quote always reminds me of a GAA guy I know that no matter how we lose a game it’s always because we weren’t aggresive enough

We could kick 20 wides

Get cleaned out in midfield and not win a kickout

Kick the ball away all day

But in his head all he can talk about is hitting and boxing.

When all we know or understand is a certain way

or we have a certain belief then we look for ways to back up our own belief.

Which is why you tend to see happy and successful people arn’t afraid to surround themselves with people that will open their minds to new ideas. (Click here to read Small Minds vs Big Minds)

We see this in Politics and Religion all the time where people can always find some way to see the good in their party or god and the bad in the others.

My point with all this?

Is that people can have so many mental barriers to break down when it comes to Fitness and training in a “gym”

So many in fact that it can be nearly impossible to persuade them otherwise as their world views are so strongly ingrained in their Psyche.

I’m too Fat

Too Old

People will laugh at me

You can’t eat any nice food when trying to get in shape (A massive BS one that)

You have to spend all day in the gym

These muppets go about roaring and shouting at me

I’ll have to look at these young ones strutting about the place

I’ll be so stiff I won’t be able to walk (That’s only at the start)

all of which have came from bad previous experiences and media stories.

Even the likes of films or TV documentaries push these theories.

When in reality any educated and passionate trainer will be against all of the above.

But that’s why we need to push our message with every email, Social Media post, each workout, phonecall etc to keep getting it out there and hopefully educate and give hope to somebody every day. (Click here to find out why you should Always Remember Nothing Matters)

Of course it is a Bank Holiday wkend coming up so while we will chill out and enjoy it let’s just make sure we don’t undo all our good work this previous few weeks.

Do some activity or get an early morning workout in so then you have the rest of the day to do what you want.

And keep some idea of your calories and you can still enjoy a great wkend and get back at it next week.

Think Big And Kick Ass



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We have felt in the past some people don’t appreciate the fact that you need to appreciate that it takes time and consistency to get really solid long term results.

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Don’t forget we are closed in ALL 3 facilities on Monday due to the Bank Holiday.

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