Does Sweat = Fat Loss

Jun 10th, 2018

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Does Sweat = Fat Loss

Just finished The Sinner the other night and it was gripping stuff

Very well written and all the pieces of the puzzle came together well.

Apparently another season coming out in August so can look forward to that

and have to watch some Power before it comes back on to get into the groove so our TV time is jam packed.

With the great weather this time of year we always get the few comments about

The more you sweat then the more weight you lose!

But this is very bad and dangerous way to look at things.


People will look at boxers and certain athletes who try to make a weight for a fight and they do that by dehydrating themselves greatly. (Click here to find out the 10 Biggest Fitness Mistakes People Make)

This is actually dangerous and not a healthy way of going about things but is just the nature of the beast in that industry.

There should be no reason for the average Joe to be trying this stuff.

Of course there are so many things to be doing ahead of that, crazy stuff such as

Eating good food

Keeping your calories on track

Exercising regularly

and other such mad antics that people be at these days.

You also get the comment that

Sweat is Fat crying

While it may be a harmless little quote you still get people taking it a bit to literally.

We want to be working hard and breaking sweat but we don’t always have to be dripping in sweat and making it our focus.

We certainly don’t need to be wearing extra layers and feel like we are in an oven.

From personal experience that can come against your workout when your to warm as it’s harder to push yourself on in such heat where it’s uncomfortable.

So if you are not working harder but just sweating more then what use is that to you?

You lose all this sweat and then obviously you will be thirsty afterwards (Click here to find out The Many Benefits of Water)

so you drink a pint or 2 of water and you are back to square one again.

Look’s like it’s gonna be another great wkend so make sure to get out, get active and don’t undo all you good work this week while still enjoying it.

Personally I have a match Saturday evening and then chill out Sunday so can’t bate that.

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