Dutchy’s is too tough!!

Jun 20th, 2018

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Dutchy’s is too tough!!

You know the biggest challenge the Fitness industry faces at the minute and going forward?

It’s the fear people have of stepping into the environment and having spoke to a lot of people on the phone the past few week’s I have realised that my 3 times a week emails isn’t enough to counteract it... (click here to find out How to Overcome the Fear of Working Out!)

So I have a few ideas on how to work around that but that’s a story for another day.

What got me really thinking about it was when I received this email last week:

Hi Darragh

I had got measured and weighed after 5 weeks as I am on holiday for 2 weeks and I had 1 stone down and 10” I am absolutely delighted but it is not just to weight . It’s my sleep is so much better I am waking before the alarm clock I have much more energy ! I have done the mini marathon I would never have considered before this ! I went to a park run on saturday now I only jogged a little bit I walked most of it but I went and wanted to go !

I have been attending 3 classes per week and going for a 40 minute walk on other days ! My diet has totally changed I have gone from having no breakfast in the morning to having porridge or eggs no bread have a salad for lunch and normal dinner (smaller potions of potato or rice ) the classes def keep you on track ! Alcohol intake reduced and no trash !

Some people have said to me oh dutchys that’s too tough I couldn’t do that I just say if I can do it anyone can as I had zero fitness leve going in

Thank you again to you and all your staff !

I hope I continue to keep going well over the next few months!

What a great story that it…

and it’s a pity so many people feel that we are too tough and they wouldn’t be able to do it…

If you feel really strong about that then maybe Personal Training would be better suited for you.

That way the session will be tailored exactly to your needs and can progress at a rate that is comfortable for you. (Click here to find out the Huge Benefits to this….)

If that sounds like something you could get into then be sure to check out the link and remember that we now do 30 minute sessions that are both more affordable and more practical if you are busy…

Ladies – http://dutchysfitness.com/ladies-personal-training/

Men – http://dutchysfitness.com/mens-personal-training/

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