Eat More, Lose Fat

Jun 29th, 2018

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Eat More, Lose Fat

The Fitness Industry can be so confusing

You are scrolling through your social media and so many talking heads are saying so many different things that’s it hard to know what’s what…

1 problem here is that you are following to many people when you should pick just 1 or 2 that you really respect and are in line with your goals.

The second is that people don’t appreciate that everything is dependent on the situation.

Certain guys will say you need to eat at this certain time or train a certain way and that might have nothing to do with your goals and your situation (Click here to find out why to Reset your Goals)

Which is why we need to have the brains to take any info and use it to improve our own situation rather than getting overwhelmed by it.

One guy I recommend following is Phil Learney.

He’s an English lad who actually runs a course for Personal Trainers to learn about Nutrition and Training.

He had an interesting video up last week that I thought would be good to show you.

It’s about how you can eat more food and lose MORE weight or at the very least lose as much as you are now anyway (Click here to find out you should Eat More, Not Less)

and we all know that it’s bloody tough restricting your calories so why not allow yourself more food so you can actually enjoy this fitness journey.

Imagine that,

enjoying being fit and healthy,

what a crazy concept.

Expecting your body to train hard and live life like working and taking care of a family on very low calories is crazy,

it will never last and that’s why people quit so often.

Here’s the link so be sure to take 5 minutes and watch it:

Think Big And Kick Ass



If you follow intelligent guys like Phil Learney you will start to learn the benefit of proper strength work.

Using a Barbell ( The big long heavy yokes you see people lifting weight’s with) for Squats, Benching, Deadlifting etc will change your whole view towards training.

And if that’s what you want then the program we have for that is the 12 Week Get Lean Project.

If you want to apply then just follow the link:

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