I’m not “Just” Anything

Jun 27th, 2018

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I’m not “Just” Anything

I work out in the house here about 3 to 4 times a week…

It’s great to get up early and have it done for the day and it also gets your energy levels going to get a productive day.

I would always recommend getting into the routine of doing your workout early in the day if that’s at all possible. (Click here for the Top 3 Benefits of a Workout Routine)

Most of the time I will listen to a Podcast or have a Youtube video running on my phone, unless I’m working out in the evening and maybe it’s been a long day so will just listen to some CHOOOONS to get me going.

1 guy I listen to is Grant Cardone, who does a lot of things but is mainly a business and marketing guy.

Of course he can be a bit loud and abrasive and is definitely not for everyone but I find is information is usually spot on.


During a workout last week I had a Youtube video running of an interview he did.

At 25 (he’s now in his early 60’s) he was in a drug addiction centre and was being told that he needs to stop these ideas of changing the world or having best selling books

That if he can “just stay off drugs” his life will be a success

but that if he aims to high then he will be lead back to drugs.

His thought’s we’re that he’s not here to be JUST anything, there should be more to his life than JUST staying off drugs

So he ignored them all and did his own thing.

Most of problems came from not knowing how to channel his energy and getting bored.

So he decided to put his energy’s into his work and got obsessed with it.

He basically just transferred all his energy from negative activities to positive activities.

There’s this thing that working too hard is a bad thing and once you hit a certain point (whatever that is) you should just be happy and stay there.

I don’t understand that myself and seeing my Dad continue to keep himself busy and work hard in his 60’s I know he wouldn’t want it any other way.

Boredom is most definately a massive problem.

Nothing to do on a Saturday so we go on the piss

Life getting boring going through the motions of paying the bills and we do dopey things to add excitement to our life

When you really look at it there’s nothing wrong with getting the excitement from hitting that Deadlift PR or 10k PR or winning that match at the weekend or whatever does it for you…

We all have these energies, it’s just how we choose to channel them!

and we shouldn’t be satisfied with JUST anything! (Click here to find out why you should Be Happy but never Satisfied)

Which is why we have some news coming now in mid July and it has been fun watching the rumor mill get carried away with itself.

Part of the news is to do with out 12 Week Get Lean Project and how we are going to be improving it even more…

But for now we still have 1-2 spots in the 4 groups to train every Monday & Wednesday and get unlimited access to our classes.

​So if you would like to start this coming week be sure to apply at the link

Get Lean Project

Think Big And Kick Ass



Don’t forget I am in Cork for the week for a few weddings and spending time with the in laws.

If you have any urgent questions send them to info@dutchysfitness.com or message the FB page.

And if you want to watch the video I am talking about then watch it below here


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