It’s all about the Curves

Jun 10th, 2018

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It’s all about the Curves

Have just got our Netflix back up and running and have a right few shows recommended to us.

Started off with The Sinner and be jaysus it’s a good show, highly recommend it.

Only 8 episodes in the first series and we only have about 2 left but it’s scary stuff!


Taking about curves

and no not the one’s around our belly’s and ass

One of the toughest curves to get use to is

The Learning Curve

When you start out in your Fitness journey there is so much to take in regarding Training and Diet.

Those 2 words seem so simple in themselves but branch out into so many different categories.

Training breaks up into

Strength training

Muscle building

Fat Loss training…

and all that then goes into them categories.


well I think you know how confusing diets are.

For a start there are a million and 1 diets out there and you have probably tried half of them. (Click here to find out about the Diet that’s not really a diet….)

Then there is people saying eat lots of Protein and others saying Protein will kill you.

Where do you start?

This learning curve is the same for any area of your life.

Over the years I have tried a lot of different things with varying degrees of success.

I have studied how to write emails

Studied how to do business via Social Media and run ads

and of course there are the usual life lessons of growing up and having to stand on your own 2 feet etc.

They can all hit us hard in the beginning.

The same way people like to make fun of new parents and the massive shock to their lifestyle they are about to experience.

But they find their own way and they get there in the end.

For a lot of people reading these emails you are probably still trying to find your way in the Fitness world. Of course it is a never ending journey where you will always find better ways to do things and as your life changes around work/ family so will your Fitness habits.

After the first workout or 2 there is the incredible stiffness and pain as you walk up and down the stairs. (Click here to find out about First Class Problems)

The classes seem like they are going a million miles an hour and it’s hard to know where to start with the diet.

As you progress, the Next level in anything is then just as scary

Which is why no one likes change and most people take very few risks.

There is a massive learning curve but you need to establish what you really want out of it, what you want to give and what works best for you.


Think Big And Kick Ass



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