It’s not all roses

Jun 11th, 2018

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It’s not all roses

I will be having a big announcement coming up soon enough that will be great news to some people reading this and will be pretty bad news for other people reading this…

That will be coming around mid July but it will make some people realise it’s not all roses at Dutchy’s Fitness HQ and we would never like to give the impression that it is

But we will leave that for another month or so anyway.

I keep these emails on the positive slant as I’m sure you, like me, are surrounded by enough giving out, can’t do attitude and negativity that you need to try and tip the balance the other way as best you can. (Click here to find out why they will always piss and moan)

Which is why I believe you should try listen to podcasts and positive but obviously real world information when possible.

While reading the testimonials I put up here and online you may be forgiven for thinking that I just have people raving on about how great and wonderful we are and I just lap it up…

Of course life’s not like that and I make it clear we are not for everyone and if you come into our classes to scratch yourself for 45 minutes and then go home and eat all round you then no

you won’t get much success in our facilities.

And I also have my little gang of haters that are ever so keen to stick the boot into me.

1 of them left us a few years ago and took a major problem with me personally and I have absolutely no idea why as we had always got on the best I had thought.

And just last week as I walked down the street I happened to bump into him for the first time in about 2 years…

Just as I was about to say hello and be polite he deliberately looked across the other way as in

“Not saying well to that *****”

It did take me by surprise but I did have to have a little chuckle to myself.

I’ve had full on fall out’s with lads over the years over Football and different things and they have never got personal or overly serious.

I never even had a fall out with this particular guy so I have no idea what’s going on.

An odd thing I have found over the years is that it is middle aged self employed men that seem to have the biggest chip on their shoulder

Always the first to look for discounts and have a smart comment about money.

Not ALL middle aged self employed men of course!

Personally I would of thought that anyone else self employed would sort of understand what it’s all about as we all have similar issues to deal with.

I also know that he will be reading this email as that’s what these people do

Just lurch around in the background ready to pounce on anything they can be critical of!


This is most definitely not like one of those Facebook posts

Look at me everyone and feel sorry for poor little me and give me loads of attention

So I am not looking for you to reply with

You Ok hun, PM me for a chat

It’s just to let you know that I listen to dumbasses just as much as you

And while they can piss us off now and again.

It’s still no excuse to let them win by going off track with your goals.

Make your decisions on your goals and what you want out of life and try to make decisions without emotion.

And we all have certain people and certain environments that drag us down..

While we may not be able to completely avoid these people/ environments all the time we need to limit our time with them!

​​​​​​​This is massively important….

So make sure to get your workout in today and get the week started right and in a positive manner…


Think Big And Kick Ass



Our website has been down the past few days in case you have been trying to do anything on it.

It has been such a disaster that we stopped pushing the 6 Week program and put it back to this week.

I also haven’t been able to receive texts on my phone for about 2 months now in case you have text and thought I didn’t reply.

I think the site is fixed now but am still waiting on the phone to get fixed so if you have anything urgent just whatsapp me instead or reply to an email here.

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