Never Too Old

Jun 10th, 2018

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Never Too Old

Have just about recovered from the shock of Monaghan’s defeat to Fermanagh yesterday,

Don’t think anyone seen it coming but that’s why they play the game and fair play to Fermanagh.

Results like that are what makes sport exciting and gives us all hope that anything can happen.

Just when people tell you you are down and out you can always pull something out of the bag.

Suppose something similar to what I try to do with these emails and what we try to do with our classes,

Is get people believing in themselves and that it is possible even if it seems a million miles away.

Like this member:

Hi Darragh just a quick reply. Just back from the 5pm class. Finished work at 3, went home 5 miles from town and thought I’ll not be going back in as traffic was horrendous and thunder and lightning!! But changed my mind and went. (Sat in traffic for 45 minutes). So pleased with myself. Normally I’ve the wine open on a Friday evening at 5!! Really enjoying the classes. That was my 3rd this week which I’m chuffed to have done. I can see a difference in my clothes already!! I’m so glad I signed up for the 6 weeks as I’d given it a lot of consideration due to my fitness level and after being told I was too old to go to dutchys!! Well I’m loving it. Thanks Darragh

The more you look at people’s activity levels as they get older and especially athlete’s (from professional athletes to locals lads playing Gaelic or Soccer) it is people’s minds that give up long time before their bodies.(Click here to read a story about being too big and too old to exercise)

While some people are just very unlucky with injuries and spare time can get very short if working a busy job and having young children.

Of course you can’t do in your mid 30’s what you did in your mid 20’s but you just have to be smarter in your approach and you would imagine someone in their mid 30’s wouldn’t be taking the same amount of drink and having the same lifestyle as someone in their early to mid 20’s

There are still a lot of cases that I have seen where people give in far to easily

Especially listening to the people around them who want any excuse to give in and do nothing.

It’s all about attitude and you can see load’s of examples of people kicking ass of younger people around them. (Click here to read zkicking the arse of 50)

I have had people in their 40’s and 50’s think they are to old for our classes even though there are people in their 60’s doing our classes.

Just like everyone else it is just a matter of using some common sense and knowing your limit’s.

How do you know what your limit’s are if you don’t push them now and again?

I know that’s classic Fitness industry cliche but it’s still true.

Of course we are closed today but you can still get out and be active to get something done to get the week started right.

Think Big And Kick Ass



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