World Cup vs Love Island

Jun 25th, 2018

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World Cup vs Love Island

So the past week or 2 I’m sure has seen a few battles for the remote across the land

Will couples be sitting down to watch the World Cup or Love Island?

Luckily enough there isn’t much of a direct clash so I’m sure there has been a few compromises.

I have to own up and admit that I actually like a bit of car crash TV

After a long day when your mind is running flat out the last thing you need is watching some serious drama were you zone out for 5 minutes and then don’t have a baldy what’s going on….

While I wouldn’t be a “Fan” of Love Island it is definitely Car crash TV that you can half watch while doing something

The main advantage is that I have got some reading done and even finished the last half of a book just while watching Love Island

and still managing to keep up with the ever so complex story lines!

We have seen poor Alex get the shift and giggle like a school girl

and then Adam shall be feeling the wrath of women everywhere both in the Villa and when he leaves.

Poor Rosie getting her heart broken and giving out about Adam and I’ve had the pleasure of commentary from Lorraine talking to the TV

“I could of told ya that was gonna happen love!”

so that has kept me up to date alone!

And the World Cup has had a solid start with some decent games so should be good craic going forward….

Cristiano Ronaldo alone is worth watching as he is a class act if you like him or not.

The point of this little story?

I’m not really sure to be honest…

But I know one thing!

And this is a combination of watching some Love Island and listening to a few good podcasts…

Actually learning good quality skills and working your ass off will still get you somewhere in life and your children are actually very safe (click here to find out Why Education is never wasted)

Because if all these numpty’s are running about simply trying to get famous for doing nothing then anyone who is willing to actually work will be ok

and anyone who is willing to obsess over their craft until they master it will be better than ok!

And like anything else,

The people willing to invest in themselves by looking after themselves are the people that get solid long term results in their Health & Fitness. (Click here to find out the Best Way to Long Term Results)

The challenges ahead are what separates the people who really want it and are willing to work for it and the people that will spend their life talking about it.


Think Big And Kick Ass


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