A day by the beach

Jul 2nd, 2018

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A day by the beach

A few Saturdays ago we went up to Bundoran with the football team for some training and a bit of craic.

We have done it before and it’s always a tough training session and a good laugh followed by a few pints after.

We did a bit of a warm up run, then some stretching/ mobility, a circuit followed by some tag rugby and into the sea water to cool us down. (Click here  for a Flexibility and Mobility Routine)

Hill runs are always a great exercise that takes no time at all and doing them on soft ground like sand is a killer.

The week before that I had a dead leg and couldn’t put any pressure on it so couldn’t train. I decided to try the rower to see how that felt and I could actually do it.

So I did some intervals on that and was bloody tough going. 2 minutes on x 2 minutes off x 3 sets and then 3 minutes on x 2 minutes rest x 3 sets at about 80% of my max. (Click here to find out about Interval Training for Fat Loss)

It’s tough at the time but you will feel great after it.

2 main lessons here are:

1 – There’s nearly always something you can do when you are injured, you just have to find out what it is.

2 – Mix your training up and don’t be afraid to try new things.

Over the years I have tried swimming, play soccer over the winter and when the Gaelic season is over I might check out the running club in Clones as that’s where I am most weakest so need someone to push me on.

If you have a beach nearby then hitting it once a week or second week for a run or hill sprints would be a great way to mix up your training.

No matter where you live there will be something near by that you can try.

Find out the local clubs, think outside the box a little and take on a different challenge.

Like anything in life the biggest problem people face is Boredom

That’s why we quit on things when there is no challenge or anything to push us on.

It’s also why we try our best to keep our sessions as varied and fresh as we possibly can and always trying new ways to reinvent things.

You should always create new challenges for yourself such as holding the Plank a little longer, doing an extra push up or moving up to a tougher variation of a push- up or any exercise.

If you want to really freshen up your training with workouts completely different to the classes then why not try out our 12 Get Lean Project which runs with the Platinum sessions on the Monday and Wednesday and unlimited access to our 34 classes a week.

If that seems like something you are interested in just check out the link and apply

Get Lean Project

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Just back from Cork yesterday so will be catching up on all today and get back into the swings of things so bare with me.

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