Do this before that

Jul 25th, 2018

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Do this before that

I go by a very simple philosophy that you can’t help others until you can help yourself.

A podcast the other day was talking about Fitness & Health and about how instead of telling your children to do something you should be doing it yourself and letting them follow your lead.

Kinda made obvious sense to be honest but there are of course a lot of people that love to tell their children, and others, what to do but never do anything near it themselves.

Small minded negative people love to try and pull people down and give out about people being selfish for trying to strive for more for themselves in their lives (Click here to read about Small Minds Vs Big Minds)

But the big point these muppets are missing is that only by getting ahead can you pay it forward and help those around you.

You simply can’t help others around you if you are struggling to survive yourself in any walk of life.

And the best way to help the fitness and health of your family is to be fit and healthy yourself.

Make time for the workouts

Eat good food (Click here to find out about Healthy Food Versus Results a Food)

Don’t allow dumbasses around you feel bad for trying to look after yourself

and let your family members around you see that.

Like this lady has started to realise:

Hi Darragh
Thank you so much …and yeah nearly there ..can’t belive it myself…

I have been doing very well and am actually proud of myself am not sure what to expect next week at the measurements so am a tad scared but I know I did my best and noticing changes at the classes is the biggest award I still remember the first week were I couldnt do 80% of the exercises and this week I’ve noticed touching the floor while doing some stretches , holding plank for 30sec and 5 weeks ago I wasn’t even able to get into a plank position and so on that’s speak for itself…am delighted

If it comes to diet first time in my life I feel like am in control of food and food is not in control of me!! I use to have those “hunger attacks ” where I just showeled to my mounth everything that was around me not thinking was it good or bad for me to settle me ..and I had no idea that adding a protein and being aware of few things will ease and stop that…I guess every one deserves to care for themselves and if you do your body will reward you for it and all it takes is few minutes for yourself and preparing ahead like you do for kids , husband and everyone else every day ….well I’ve managed to inl me in it now 🙂

Facility is great and trainers are brilliant….congrats on running such an amazing place .

So let’s get our own ass in shape and set the standard for people around us rather than just telling them what to do

cause if you ain’t living it yourself then they arn’t listening to you anyway!

Think Big And Kick Ass



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