It Started with a Phonecall

Jul 30th, 2018

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It Started with a Phonecall

The past few months I have started ringing people that enter their details for more info on the 6 Week program but haven’t signed up

It has been working pretty well as a lot of people just need their questions answered and a lot of people are just really nervous about starting.

Incredibly nervous about starting!

And then there are other’s who just need that friendly nudge in the right direction.

It’s pretty cool when some of the calls end up with people getting the motivation to finally come in and they make some progress,

like this member:

Hi Darragh,

I wanted to wait until the 6 weeks were up to give my feedback. I just got my measurements this morning and I am delighted. 2 kilos down and almost 4 inches over my body.
I love the classes and the trainers, they make the classes fun and not very gym like and that’s what makes me go so at ease. It’s part of my daily routine now and doesn’t feel like a pain to get up and go. My fitness levels have improved so much so that I had the motivation to climb Croagh Patrick 2 weeks ago, something I had wanted to do for a while.
My diet has changed for the better, working unsociable hours meant I was eating the wrong foods and at late hours but now I’m actually eating proper breakfast and bringing proper meals to work with me. I don’t feel the urge to snack or pick at foods as much because I’m eating right.
2 kilos down in my 10 kilo goal is a great motivator for me and I have just signed up for the monthly membership!
I have recommended your facility to so many girls since I started and I have already seen 3 of these girls join since!
Thanks for the kick up the ass!

It’s also great when people understand that 2kgs and 4 inches in 6 weeks is solid progress and know that these things take time.

These are the sort of members we want and not the people that expect miracles in ridiculously short spaces of time.

So make sure to get the week off to the best possible start and get your workout in.


Think Big And Kick Ass



From today on we are doing Pay As You Go classes in the Enniskillen facility as we understand there is no point in people getting cards or signing up to memberships.

So classes are £5 pay as you go and just the pay the trainer as you go and write PAYG beside your name when you sign in.

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