It’s all over

Jul 20th, 2018

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It’s all over

These emails get about 1100 to 1300 readers any given email, which is kinda cool and took about 5 year’s to get to…

Of course like all goals we set I thought I would have a lot more readers in a lot shorter time frame but better off aiming high and finishing a little short than setting low goals and actually achieving them. (Click here to find out the Biggest Reason People Don’t Achieve their Goals)

I’ve tried various methods such as emailing every day to just emailing here and there but have found my “happy place” now at 3 times a week.

I’ve studied numerous email experts to find what style would work best for me

At the start it took me about an hour to write one and I’d be obsessing over every little bit making sure I didn’t offend anyone

Sending them off to Ma to “proof read” just in case.

To now I can bang one out in 10 to 20 mins with no proof reading from Ma and actually hope it does piss off a few doses so they stay the hell away from any of our facilities and wreck our buzz with their dumb ass attitudes!

It’s all about the process and chipping at the block every day

Unfortunately, very few people want to know about the process.

They want to get up in the morning and have that result (For the Best Way to IMPROVE your Results click here)

The older I get and the more I read up on people/ businesses etc the more I realise that patience is the number 1 thing people lack when it comes to success in anything..


It takes a good 3 to 5 years to make significant progress in anything.

To get in serious shape that people are impressed by

Build a career in a company

Build a bad ass business that you can be proud of

Save a considerable amount of money that you can do something with

or anything really!

You need a good, intelligent plan and you better be willing to work it.

And little replies like this always help:

Thanks Darragh for these mails
Reading this has given me the kick up the ass that was I so needed !
I miss the feeling of a good work out, when you step out of the shower and your still buzzing and the all important good night’s sleep zzz
I’ve been using the “good weather” as an excuse not to go for way to long…
That stops here
Be back in on Monday

While the weather is decent it is a far cry from the heat wave we had so time to get back at it.

We Irish do tend to get a bit carried away and lose the run of ourselves when the great weather comes as we so rarely see it but we should always try to keep on top of our workouts.

Walking about in the sun, or lying out in it, still isn’t going to give you the type of benefits a proper workout will.

And while the heat may be tough going just think of athlete’s or even local footballers who have to go out and play in that sort of heat and get on with it.

And speaking of all over,

Be sure to tune into the FB page at 7:00 tonight as I will will be doing a video explaining all that’s happening in line with this big announcement.

Have brought it forward from Monday to today just to get it over and done with.

As I said before,

For most people reading this there is either good news or bad news so be sure to tune in!

Think Big And Kick Ass


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