It’s Coming Home

Jul 9th, 2018

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It’s Coming Home

Unless you are living under a rock you are probably aware that England are in the World Cup Semi Final and they are very excited about it….

Of course us Irish dread the thought’s of having to listen to them in that classic begrudgery that can only come from a neighbour

The same way it always hurts us to see the neighboring GAA club/ county do well like a dagger to the heart!

For some odd reason I’m actually enjoying watching their path and it’s good craic watching them as there will be no fun if/ when they are put out

This team just arn’t as hateful as previous teams with the likes of Rooney and John Terry in it but the thought’s of having to listen to the media is more than enough to cheer on Croatia in the Semi final…


At least we have the weather and Monaghan making the Super 8s to cheer us up (I know you Cavan, Fermanagh and Louth folk are delighted for the Farney Army)

and the great weather doesn’t seem to be going anywhere so be sure to make note of these simple points of exercising in the heat.

1 – Make sure you are hydrated.

Not sure if you seen my video Friday on FB but most people are dehydrated and don’t even realise it.

This comes against you in pretty much every area from your ability to focus, your skin and of course the quality of your workouts.

Eventually you will slow down, struggle and maybe even get injured.

So get drinking your water and use the tips I shared in the video on the FB page to help you. (Click here to find out about the Many Benefits of Water)

2 – Get your breathing right.

Get your breathing smooth with deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.

This is another problem for a lot of people and something you actually need to be thinking about and focusing on.

Simply breath out as you push out or lift anything and breath in on the easier part of the exercise.

3 – Take an extra rest when needed.

It can be very tough to get yourself going sometimes in strong heat so you need to get the balance of pushing through and knowing when to step back and take a rest, especially if you haven’t been exercising in a long time. (Click here to find out about The Importance of Active Rest)

So take an extra rest if you are struggling for breath or feel a light head and/ or jelly legs.

And make sure to remember that it is vital that no matter what happened over the wkend, you get yourself back in the saddle today


Think Big And Kick Ass



Enniskillen folk take note that we are closed this coming Thursday the 12th of July.


Everyone in all 3 facilities take note that we have another 6 Week program starting this coming Monday the 16th of July.

So if you have been waiting to bite the bullet or waiting for the right time to get your friend to bite the bullet then now is the right time.

Just reply to this email if you have any questions.

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