It’s now Half Time

Jul 4th, 2018

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It’s now Half Time

Back to the grind this week after a great week away..

It’s great to get away but it’s also great to get back at it and stuck into work and training.

When we get weather like this there is no need to head abroad at all it’s just such a pity we can never rely on it.

We are now half through the year and most people’s new year resolutions are well and truly dead and buried….

We have got distracted by “life” and went off track…

While achieving a goal is never a straight line and things always change along the way we need to have some idea of the big picture going forward.

Any goal we want to achieve in life we can usually work back wards on it. (Click here to find out the Biggest Reason People don’t Achieve their Goals)

Need to lose 10lbs in 10 weeks then obviously you would look at 1lb a week

So if after 6 weeks you have lost 0lbs you would be getting a little worried but if you have lost 6 or more you would be happy enough.

Of course it never just flows that easily and you will have 1 week where you lose 2 lbs and another week where you lose 0

But if you keep with the process you should get close to it come the 10 weeks if it your effort was in line with the goal.

This is a bit of a transition year for us in business with opening our Dundalk facility and other projects that are to be announced in the coming weeks…

And with getting married at the end of the year that of course brings it own responsibilities

So points like this throughout the year are good to see if we are where we are suppose to be in our goals.

At times we have to ask ourselves are we making the headway we want

1 area I know I am failing is getting our message out there and helping people sufficiently.

While there is loads of information out there I think people respond better when it is someone they know from the local area.

I’ve finally got my head out of my ass and will be making a more focused effort on Social Media,

Be sure to let me know your thoughts good or bad when ya see them.

What area do you think you have let go so far this year that you need to grab by the nutsack and make something happen on it…

If I can help then be sure to let me know…

Think Big And Kick Ass



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