Stop the madness

Jul 27th, 2018

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Stop the madness

This morning on Facebook I put up a pic about the 80/20 principle and how we find it’s the best way of doing things long term so you not only get result

you actually maintain these results!

You can maintain them as the process is more enjoyable and you aren’t really restricting yourself from your favorite foods (Click here to find out more about the 80/20)

You can stop this madness if restricting yourself for a period of time and being miserable and then going on a binge and being back to square one..

And unfortunately this is all too common and these people are just like hamster’s on a wheel never getting anywhere.

Unlike this member who has made a solid start to things:

Hi Darragh,

really enjoyed the classes….I think I’ve lost about 9lbs in the 6 weeks and feeling a bit leaner and more confident.

the classes are great – the different instructors during the week keeps things fresh – the Boxercise mid week breaks things up and you get a good thrashing ahead of the weekend, so all that with eating sensibly combines to get you in a good place….so 9lbs lost despite BBQ’s and gigs gone to over the 6 weeks.

On holiday from Wednesday for two weeks. Going to take out a 6 month membership when I get back.

Really enjoying things

Of course we get all sorts of results from the 6 Week program as everyone is different.

Some people have more weight to lose than other’s, we all lose weight at different levels..

It’s really disappointing to see people give up so quickly and not give things time but such is the way of thing’s.(Click here to read a story about Stepping Away from the Scales)

Which is the very reason we have introduced the 12 week Get Lean Project so people have paid up and will slog it out and if they but any sort of effort in at all will notice the benefits and results of the program.

Coming into the traditional quietest month of the year in Fitness in August so we have 2 spots available in the 6:45am, 7:45am and 11:30am on Monday’s and Wednesdays if you would like to get started just give me a shout here.

Have a good wkend,

and remember to not get too carried away with the “It’s the wkend so I can eat and drink as many calories as I want and they don’t count” type mentality! (To find how to Easily Handle the Weekend click here)

No reason we can’t enjoy the wkend and still keep a grip of ourselves.

Think Big And Kick Ass


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