Well this is a first

Jul 6th, 2018

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Well this is a first

For the first time in my life time it looks like the people of Ireland are actually praying for rain..

I know the Farmers seem to be and the water experts are saying we are in trouble so must be something going on!

Not sure what to do with me poor shrubs as they need some watering but hopefully nature will do it’s thing soon enough.

I’m far from a gardener but it’s nice when the weather is good to just get away from work/ technology and clear the head for a bit will watering some plants

Very therapeutic as they say…..

I suppose the weather just goes to show that you should be careful what you wish for and to much of certain things can be very dangerous.

We really arn’t cut out for any extremes in Ireland as to much snow or to much Sun and the country really slows down

we just need a nice balance of sun, rain, wind and snow to keep us ticking along!

Speaking of never seeing things coming and a first time for everything….

This new member can’t believe that she can actually enjoy exercise:

Today I finished up my 6 week challenge. Never in my days did I think I’d ever complete a 6  Exercise challenge. working out has never been my strong point.
I’ve never enjoyed exercise as much. I find my fitness levels have majorly improved, as are my old clothes starting to fit again in total I’ve lost 5.5 inches and 8.5 pound in 6 weeks. I’ve loved every minute of it. I have a toddler, so it’s great being able to keep up with her as trying to keep her entertained is a workout in itself I can’t thank yee enough for giving me the kickstart I needed to get back to exercising. Thanks to all

I know I’m only a fitness trainer and not a mental health expert or anything like that and the last thing I want to do is become like these other muppets in the Fitness industry who think they are Mindset and self development experts etc (Click here to find out who is full of BS in the fitness industry)

But I do have 1 belief that has came over the years.

People definately think to small and don’t try enough things out to see what is really for them.

Only by trying a different form of exercise can you find something you enjoy

Only by trying a different diet style can you find something you enjoy.

What comes along with trying?


lots and lots of Failure and that’s what we are really scared of! (Click here to find out why you need to Admit Failure to Begin Success)

And I’m also convinced that’s why so many people stay in unhappy relationships,

they have no idea what a really good and happy relationship is so they settle for what’s there.

But I’m not a relationship expert either so I’ll stop there.


Have a good weekend and enjoy the good weather

but say a prayer for the rain or my poor shrubs will be no more 🙁

Think Big And Kick Ass



3 quick points folks…

1 – If you purchase a card it is to be collected in the facility, I know some of you are not aware of this especially in Dundalk so just note for again

2 – We have 2 people in the Cavan facility trying to sneak in without getting there 10 session card stamped.

I’m sure your better than that so cop on and sort it out.

3 – Inga has moved on to pastures new so we wish her all the best.

Zumba is now FINISHED so if you have any questions be sure to contact Inga directly as Zumba was always her things and nothing to do with me.

Hope that’s all clear and any questions just let me know

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