5 Simple Steps To Keeping Motivated

Aug 1st, 2018

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5 Simple Steps To Keeping Motivated

Motivation is such a big topic and everyone wants to know how to stay motivated

We are all great for a certain period of time and then can go off the rails and can ruin all our good work, in every area of life from our bodies to our careers to our relationships. (Click here to find out How to Feel Better than Ever….)

All the little meme’s or Video’s on Social Media are great to look at there and then but they ain’t gonna get your ass out of bed at stupid O’Clock to get shit done.

Everyone has their own little things that keeps them going but here I’m going to give a few things that work for me.

They may not work for you and you may even find some of them stupid.

That’s cool, but hopefully 1 of them may help you and give you a kick in the right direction.

and there are loads of things that motivate me and keep me going but I’m sure you don’t want my life story either.

In no particular order:

Make things manageable – This is where the crazy diets and training programs fail. They are simply not sustainable long term.

People go hell for leather for a certain period of time but eventually you will burn out either physically, mentally or both.

if you want to progress in your career of course you need to work very hard. (Click here to find out about The Hardest Part)

But make it manageable by looking after your health and having some structure to things.

Set up systems and the right people around you to make it work long term.

And when it comes to achieving the goals around your body and Fitness this is the very reason why sensible dieting with well structured training is key!

You can actually stick at it and not fall apart.

Listen to ass kicking people – try to get podcasts or Youtube videos listened to when you are doing bit and bobs.

If I workout at home I will pick a good 60 minute Youtube video or an audio book and listen to it while working out.

Pretty much every car journey I listen to a Podcast and try to get that stuff in as much as possible.

I think this is vital as we have so much negative energy and BS around us we need as much as we can to fight against that.

We also can have a lot of our own battles from growing up in terms of lack of confidence or thinking we arn’t good enough so it’s improtant to fight against that.

Along with the obvious of simply learning good information from successful people in that area.

Imagine if you picked 2 top Nutrition Podcasts and listened to just 1 hour of them a week.

After 1 year you think those 52 hours wouldn’t add up to some quality info that you can use and apply to improve your diet?

Course it would!

Allow for Chill time – At some stage in day allow yourself to chill out and watch some TV of whatever.

Chill time is vital to clear the head, recharge the batteries and be ready to go.

Have started watching Billions and we are hooked, some show!

Focus on the Long term goal

Focusing on the long term goal and knowing what steps it takes to get there is massively important so that you know why you are doing it day in day out and why you are getting out of bed every morning.

Especially for those early starts.

There will always be Good and Bad days and maybe change course a little here and there but knowing the long term goal will keep you in the right direction.

Other People

No matter what your goal you will have people backing you all the way hoping you do it and people hoping you make an ass of yourself.

Both of these sets of people are very important.

You want to do it to prove the people that are backing you and it’s great to piss off the people that are rooting against you.

Good old stubbornness can always work in your favor.

I know we are suppose to be above all that but let’s be honest, it’s always a nice feeling pissing off a Hater

Like I said, these are what works for me!

They may not be your cup of tea but 1 of them may work for you so try them out and find your own way.

I’m just popping up to the Galway races for a few days so will be back on Friday afternoon.

Any good tips for me be sure to send them on 🙂

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